Whichwarehouse speaks to CDL Logistics

The CDL Group has been successfully running for over 30 years now and have CDL Logistics, Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics, IMS and CDL London Fulfilment running warehousing and fulfilment services in London and surrounds.

Being such a successful group within the logistics sector, Whichwarehouse were keen to talk to CDL about their thoughts on the industry of late and what they foresee for 2014.

When asked of the biggest difficulties they faced as an operator over the past few years CDL Logistics explained that each customer has its idiosyncrasies and the only way to overcome them is with a can do attitude. They advised that through the years they have made numerous system changes and working practice changes for various customers to mprove their services.

Having a system that is bespoke which they have been developing for close to 20 years with their in-house developers provides many more options than other logistics companies, allowing them to adapt to each customer and provide a service second to none. With the boom of online selling platforms namely eBay & Amazon they subsequently developed a bolt on system which takes in an eBay or Amazon order file and creates a file compatible with their system so transfer of orders is seamless and without the need for manual intervention.

CDL Logistics went on to explain that the biggest change in the industry during 2013 for them was the carriers recognizing that offering silly rates for next day deliveries only leads to failure as seen by the downfall of Yodel in Christmas 2012.

Whichwarehouse asked if they feel that the economic situation over the past few years, since the recession back in 08/09, has effected the storage & logistics industry in any way? 

"I think it has had a positive impact on our industry, I am of the opinion that logistics is semi recession proof as owners of businesses can reduce their business costs by outsourcing to us especially in turbulent economic climates" advised CDL.

With many businesses heading down the online route we asked if CDL Logistics customer base is predominantly made up of online retailers or retail outlets?  They explained that all of their  customers have an online presence that runs alongside outlets. They haven’t had a customer that has come in on an outlet basis and then added an online presence.

CDL expressed that an online presence is a must for all businesses regardless of sector. "Hopefully with more business online we will in turn see more business coming in to CDL".

After interviewing a number of logistics companies Whichwarehouse has seen a new understanding from many operators realising that fulfilment services are the way forward due to the increase of online businesses. It is great to see a forward thinking company like CDL Logistics continuously improving their own in house systems to assist the ease of this process for online businesses.

Whichwarehouse wish CDL Logistics continued success for the forthcoming years and suspect with their innovative ideas and systems they will continue to lead the way in order fulfilment.




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