Interview With Logistics Professionals DMG Freight Services

Over the next few weeks Whichwarehouse will be publishing interviews with logistics professionals within our network to find out a little more about their business and reveal their thoughts on the industry, how they found the logistics business in 2013 and where they see things going for 2014.

Our first interview this year is with DMG Freight Services, a fantastic warehousing and distribution company based in Essex, offering a number of logistics services from freight forwarding and pallet storage to pick and pack and fulfilment services for customers in the UK and abroad looking to outsource their logistics.

Keep viewing our blog to see more interviews over the next few weeks from other logistics professionals.warehousing and distribution - DMG Freight Services

DMG Freight Services explained that the majority of companies they find looking to store commercial goods with them are within the electrical and food industries, although many other industries work with DMG, these were the main industries they saw coming to them for warehousing and distribution in 2013.

Having explained that the biggest difficulty they faced as a warehouse operator of late was receiving a number of enquiries from customers with bad or no credit ratings, they advised the best way to ensure they can still accommodate these clients is to make sure that payment is made before all the customers stock leaves the warehouse. This enables them to accept clients with a less favorable credit rating but at the same time ensuring DMG Freight Services does not lose out should the customer refuse to pay at the end.

Whichwarehouse has seen a number of customers with a low credit rating looking to outsource their warehousing and has found that some warehousing companies will simply refuse to provide a quote for such customers whereas others are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, understandably putting certain measures in place to protect their business. If your company has a low credit rating contact Whichwarehouse today on 0800 1707 555 and let us find suitable logistics companies within our network who are willing to consider a business in your position. It is always best to advise the Whichwarehouse team of your position to avoid wasting time and ensure we find you the right partner to work with.

After discussing the biggest change in 2013 for DMG Freight Services, they advised that they saw a dramatic increase in start up businesses in the UK. Whichwarehouse believes that this could also account for the no or low credit rating being seen to rise. With many individuals being made redundant in 2013, this appears to have forced some to take a different route rather than paid employment and opt for setting up a business on their own. With more goods being purchased online and no need to cover the expense of a shop premises, many more people are opting for online stores, purchasing goods and selling them either through eBay or their own online shop.

With the current economic situation DMG Freight Services have noticed the change in storage requirements within their own warehousing facility and explained that previously before the economic climate of the past few years, logistics companies were fuller for longer periods whereas now things seem to have slowed down somewhat having a negative impact on the logistics industry.

To conclude, DMG Freight Services said 'I think that online has been and will be the way for the future'

Whichwarehouse would like to thank DMG for taking part in our logistics interview and wish you every success in 2014.

If you are looking to store your goods within close proximity of London and Felixstowe without the high costs of these areas, contact DMG Freight Services today and see for yourself how competitive their prices are along with their high standard of customer care and professionalism

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