Fulfilment Services – choosing the right logistics company to help!

Do you need a logistics company to assist with the fulfilment side of your business?

Whilst we appreciate that some companies may only be looking for a warehouse to simply store their goods, if your business sells items online and involves delivering those products by parcel courier to customers then it may interest you to know that there are many warehouses available that can assist with fulfilment services in addition to storing your products.

The process of  fulfilment services comprises completing a transaction and seeing it through from the initial enquiry made by your customer, to actually delivering the product to them. Within the warehouse, this process involves utilising pick and pack staff to process the entire order for you.

Pick and Pack Services in Warehousing

With many logistics companies, depending on how large your fulfilment requirement is, you will be provided with a dedicated person who will ensure the smooth running of your account. They will handle and oversee their team to make sure the correct orders are picked, packed and delivered on time. Having a dedicated person within the 3PL company you choose certainly helps with order fulfilment as if there are any issues with your orders you have someone you can speak to directly about your concerns who is fully aware of what has gone out and is due to be picked.

Order fulfilment services are also much more cost-effective than you may initially think! You are saving money which you would have spent recruiting and training new staff to undertake this process for you, as well as avoiding the commitment of having to pay them regularly. With fulfilment services provided by a logistics company you only pay for the services you use at that time. For example, if you have 10 orders to go out of 5 picks per order then you will only be charged for the work actually carried out rather than paying for staff sitting around waiting for the orders to come in.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that all of your orders are being processed for you and there is no requirement for you to constantly
monitor and oversee everything. Because of this, a further benefit of using a warehouse’s order fulfilment services is that your chosen 3pl does not necessarily need to be local to your business.

As a 3PL sourcing company, Whichwarehouse understands how important fulfilment services can be to your business. The turnaround period of processing a transaction and the way your firm responds to a customer’s order can greatly reflect upon the reputation of your company.

We will discuss your needs before undertaking any searches so that we can ensure we are looking for the right kind of warehouse to suit you. Then, with your needs in mind, we will scour our network looking for suitable 3PL partners and provide you with the ones that will guarantee to meet your order fulfilment requirements without the need for any long term commitments.

Call Whichwarehouse today on 0800 1707 555 for assistance in searching for a suitable fulfilment houses or alternatively click the find space button and start searching our listings.



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