New York Food Bank Increasese Warehouse Space

The Food Bank Of Central New York, an organisation created with the aim of distributing food supplies, education and other essential necessities to the needy, has recently announced that a new 74,000 square foot warehouse location now has more space and is therefore able to house more cold food storage.

This new warehousing project will see an marked increase in the supply of foods to those in need, with space for cold storage previously being a major issue for the organisation. The Syracuse-based warehouse can now accept big consignments of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture commodities) donations, including frozen meat, fruit and vegetable stocks which are the most required necessities for the company’s food pantries.

At an estimated cost of $5 million for the purchase and subsequent renovation of the warehouse facility, the Food Bank will now be able to store and distribute far greater amounts of essential foodstuffs to those who need them.

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