How to Organise a Bulk Storage Warehouse

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A well-organised bulk storage warehouse ensures that fulfilment is as streamline as possible and having an effective set-up can only help ensure that items are accessible. When new products arrive, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve made maximum use of your warehouse space and that item placement is easy and straightforward. Here are some questions to consider for organising a bulk storage facility:

What Items Will be Stored?

The first thing to consider when organising a bulk storage space is the type of items that will be stored and how they need to be handled. Large containerised goods for example, … Read More

Birkenhead Warehouse Snapped Up by Spills Firm

Warehousing North West

Kent-based firm Darcy Spillcare snapped up a 27,000 sq ft warehouse and office facility in the Wirral, north-west England this week, according to reports in the local press today.

Search for warehouse space in the North West region

The company, which manufactures spill prevention and spill control products, bought the Birkenhead warehouse from a private investor for an undisclosed sum, reports said. The warehouse was previously used by The Desk Centre, which makes furniture suitable for homes, offices and schools.

Negotiations to buy the warehousing space

Negotiations to buy the warehousing space began earlier in the year, with lawyers Smith … Read More

City Warehouse to Become Upmarket Eatery and Apartments

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The oldest remaining warehouse in the City of London is to be hived off into a trendy bar and restaurant complex, according to reports this week in the Evening Standard newspaper.

The paper said that the Old Bengal Warehouse near Bishopsgate in east London is being redeveloped, as the old trading character of the Square Mile is gradually replaced with upmarket eateries and delicatessens. The developers are to turn the 10,000-plus square feet of warehousing space into a fish restaurant, a chop house and a vintners, to be operated by the D&D London group, with luxury … Read More

Amazon Snaps Up Warehousing Space in Staffs

The recent takeover of a huge warehouse space in Rugeley by online retail juggernaut Amazon has been welcomed by the local community, who expect it to lead to the creation of 700 new jobs.

The 700,000 square foot warehouse, near the Staffordshire town’s power station, has been unoccupied for some time, but it is believed that the recent acquisition by Amazon of the building will lead to a new lease of life for the warehousing space.

The Flair building is set on a 40-acre site and the local paper revealed that is “the largest remaining speculatively built industrial shed in … Read More

Doncaster Warehouse Chosen for Logistics Link North Exhibition

The 2011 Logistics Link North exhibition will take place this year in a massive new warehouse in Doncaster.

The exhibition, which runs between 27 and 28 September, will showcase a number of products and services associated with business logistics and transport, including warehouse services, materials handling machinery, packaging systems and storage. The event is backed by the United Kingdom Warehouse Association, the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and the Road Haulage Association.

The warehouse complex that will be home to the exhibition boasts an internal space of some 240,000 sq ft, with high roof clearance and a great deal … Read More

Xbite Acquires Additional Warehouse Space

DVD stack, part 2
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The video games industry has always been one of the UK’s more discreet economic success stories, and it is continuing to flourish, as the recent warehouse acquisition of independent games retailer Xbite showed this week.

In order to compete with the brand leaders in online video games retail, Xbite announced that it has increased its warehousing space and its staff numbers, plus what it called a “solid management team to take us through our next growth phase.”

Xbite sells games on eBay as well as via its own dedicated sites, and is expecting to require more … Read More

Heavy Metal – Recommendations for Delivery Loads from LME Warehouses

Library metal jumble
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This week the London Metal Exchange (LME) said that it is taking on board recommendations made following a study of its warehousing system.

The LME warehouses have been suffering from a problem where long queues form in its delivery operations, and the study looked at ways to alleviate these bottlenecks.

In a press release the Exchange said that it “has accepted the recommendations put before it in respect to loading out rates above 300,000 tonnes per company per location per day.”

Research carried out by the Europe Economics consultancy urged the LME to raise the minimum delivery … Read More

Paint Warehouse Blaze in the Philippines

The dangers of flammable paints in a warehousing environment were underscored this week when a fire caused serious damage at a paint storage facility in the Filipino capital of Manila.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon at a warehouse belonging to Topboss Plastics Inc, taking fire-fighters more than an hour to bring under control and extinguish.

Chief Inspector Roy Quistro of Manila’s Pasig Fire Station told local reporters that damage caused by the blaze was estimated at more than £1 million.

Mr Quistro said that one difficulty when it came to tackling the fire was access to the warehouse, … Read More

Bangalore Firm Gives Warehouses Massive Cash Injection

A recent injection of $18.5 million of equity funding will be used by the Bangalore-based company National Collateral Management Services (NCMSL) to improve their Indian warehousing services by building more warehouses in order to service the constantly growing food industry in the country.

Contributions of $5 million from the India Farmers’ Fertilizer Cooperative, $7.5 million from Rabobank and $6 million from the IFC, the funding will see warehousing, processing, marketing and logistics see a boost in the face of a massive predicted growth in the Indian food market by 2015.

Managing Director and CEO of NCMSL, Sanjay Kaul, stated: “We … Read More

Topps Tiles to Complete New Lancashire Warehouse

The fourth quarter of 2011 will see the completion of a brand new £1.6 million warehouse constructed by Topps Tiles, which has stated that the new warehouse facility is “integral to its supply chain.”

The extra warehousing space will be incorporated as an additional facility to its existing buildings and warehouse units in Leicestershire and is expected to be up and working in time for October.

In an official statement, Topp Tiles said that “the warehouse will play a significant role in our logistics strategy over the coming years, as we further integrate our supply chain and allow increased levels … Read More

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