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Contact Whichwarehouse and we will be pleased to assist you with finding a secure and suitable storage facility that will be able to accommodate your pallet storage and any other warehousing services requirements.

What type of goods do you have?

Not all warehouses are able to accommodate all types of palletised goods. For example, if you are importing alcohol then you will require a wet bonded warehouse, whereas if you are looking to store perishable foods then you will need a cold storage facility. There are many warehouse options to consider depending on what type of goods you have, these range from hazardous storage, temperature controlled, bonded and ambient.

Is location important?

If you are simply looking for pallet storage and/or bulk storage then location will probably be a key factor in your search. If you are not looking for a 3PL provider who can offer pick & pack and distribution services this indicates that you would like to be able to access your goods on a regular basis so that you can load your vehicle and deliver the goods via your own sources. Alternatively you might be looking for long term pallet storage for slow moving goods that you know you won’t be needing anytime soon. In this instance, the location will not be so important and you can look further afield to obtain cheaper rates, depending on which areas of the UK the storage facility is located.
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Contact us on 0800 1707 555for assistance in searching for the right solution for you or alternatively use the FIND SPACE button below to check for current availability in your area and to speak to the warehouse operators direct. All we ask is that you quote Whichwarehouse as the source when making contact.

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