Current Trends Within Warehouse Logistics

What are the latest trends in warehouse logistics?

As with any other industry, those who work in the logistics sector needtrends in warehouse logistics to stay abreast of key trends occurring within the sector. Keeping your eye on the ball ensures that it is not dropped when new trends are implemented into the sector, nor do you lose control of the ball by not knowing how a particular trend could help benefit your logistics.

One trend that has been highlighted over the past 12 months is where large industrial users are actively seeking to relocate their operations to premises that offer more space. This is turn would help the company itself grow, as more space means more productivity and distribution. The more spacious environment means that trucks transporting the goods are able to gain easy access to the warehouse, as well as leaving the premises without any problems.

Ecommerce Fulfilment for online shops

Another trend that blends into this is the increasing popularity of those who shop online. As such, there is added pressure for retailers to ensure that they have easily replenishable stock, as well as being able to get its product to its customers quickly. The popularity of online shopping is also rumored to be molding the next generation in warehouse logistics. “Dark stores” is the term given to warehouses that will ship goods to consumers directly. It is estimated that an additional 220 million square foot of storage space will be required to meet the increasing demand of the e-commerce world. It also means that both service providers and shippers will be granted more flexibility within their operations, whether its relation to their employees or across their network.

Track and trace enhancements within warehouse logistics may well be currently at the bottom of a company’s list when you consider everything else that has to be completed within a high-pressure environment. However, elevated expectations from consumers means that warehouses will need to keep a tighter reign on its inventory. Although to some this may seem like a hindrance that isn’t really needed, it can look to benefit warehouse logistics in the long term. Not only will it tell you where your inventory is heading and where it’s been, if implemented correctly, it can make for better decision making as well as well as creating a clear cut returns policy for consumers.

Latest logistics technology

As you would expect in the 21st century, automation and technology within warehouse logistics is also a point that raises much discussion. The recent 12th Logistics Information Day at the Institute for Applied Warehouse Logistics was so popular, that it was fully booked. One of the speakers at the event was Tibor Matskassy of Vanderlande Industries. Matskassy explained how Vanderlande industries’ “micro shuttles” could be an advantage for warehouse logistics. The micro shuttles allow movement between the rack levels as well as delivering a combination of retrieval and storage processes.

The LFS.oculos3D was another piece of technology unearthed at the Logistics Information Day. The technology is able to capture and record warehouse stock automatically. Prof. Dr. Helmut Bollenbacher explained how the LFS.oculos3D’s cameras were able to scan a product and record the information that was deemed important.

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