Why Graduates Should Consider Careers In Logistics

Logistics is a global industryLogistics

In one sentence, it involves moving goods from point A to point B. But dig a little deeper into the heart of the industry and you’ll discover that it is a much more complex forward supply system involving thousands of people all over the world.

To succeed in the logistics industry, you will need a highly analytical mind as well as excellent problem solving and organisational skills. So if you are reading this and thinking ‘that sounds like me’ then logistics just might be the career you’ve been waiting for.

“But I have a degree in Journalism – not Logistics!”

While it’s true that there are universities that offer specialist degrees in logistics and other areas linked with the industry, these aren’t always necessary to get your foot in the door.

There are so many branches within the logistics industry that your individual skills and education are likely to be considered useful in certain departments. You might have come from a background in customer service, for example, and feel that your strengths lie within that particular area. This is ideal for the tail end of the logistics process which includes storage and distribution, and is the last step before goods reach consumers.

Alternatively you might be able to negotiate deals and talk shop with producers of raw materials, placing yourself at the sourcing end of logistics, reducing costs and building and maintaining business relationships.

For those with knowledge of technology or environmental issues, these are fast becoming sought after skills in the industry. Knowledgeable computer graduates will find themselves welcomed with open arms as logistics relies heavily on quickly sharing information and using the latest technological advances to help streamline the industry. Logisticians are also looking into creating more sustainable supply chains, and so fresh takes on environmental solutions are desperately needed.

Logistics is a growing industry which means there’s plenty of room to move up the career ladder. Training on the job means you’ll earn a decent wage whilst building your experience and there are increasing opportunities for international travel as logistics continues to spread out across the globe.





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