Working Towards Sustainability In Packaging

Nearly all the major companies we know and love have embraced the idea of sustainable business – from fair trade packaging in warehousingproducts to eco-friendly packaging, even the logistics industry is shaking off the old ways of thinking and taking on board fresh new ideas about how to create sustainable packaging within the supply chain.

Whether you produce most of your own packaging, or work with a warehousing company to create packing materials suitable for your products, there are plenty of ways in which you can integrate sustainable packaging into your brand.

Having clear recycling instructions

Having clear recycling information on … Read More

Global Shipping Warehousing & Storage talks to Whichwarehouse

Based in Grimsby, Global Shipping Warehousing & Storage has been one of Whichwarehouses trusted logistics members for a number of years now.

With facilities of 235,000 sq ft, this fantastic logistics company have assisted Whichwarehouse clients in a number of logistics requirements for companies large and small.

After the strain of 2013 for many warehouse operators Whichwarehouse spoke to Global Shipping Warehousng & Storage about how they found last year and what their thoughts are for the industry in 2014.

As with many that Whichwarehouse have interviewed, Global explained that they majority of their customers now are within E-commerce, selling … Read More

Part 2: cutting costs with better inventory management

Improved processes: inbound, putaway and replenishment inbound logistics

Improving your inbound processes

The best place to begin an overhaul of your inbound logistics processes is by setting up collaboration with your procurement and product planning people. You need to fully understand the plans they have for utilising your warehouse space and logistics resources in the near future in order to adapt to those needs. You will need a great degree of visibility as to the timing and flow volume you can expect for inbound material. You should also get them to include terms relevant to the warehousing and logistics department in the … Read More

Logistics Software Company Acquisition

The Canadian Descartes Systems Group has just bought out UK-based Impatex Freight Software Limited, and over 200 British customers with them.

Descartes bought Impatex outright for £5.1 million. The Impatex purchase has brought some 200 UK freight forwarding customers under the Waterloo, Ontario based logistics software provider’s banner.

Edward Ryan, CEO for Descartes says that the takeover strengthens Descartes’ regulatory and customs compliance platform and lets them offer a broader set of services to UK customers. He says the move establishes his company as ‘the’ global network for collaborative supply chain and logistics processes.

But what does this mean for … Read More

The Benefits Of Bonded Storage

Are you a business owner on the verge of signing a deal with an overseas manufacturer? Perhaps you’re a new start-upbonded storage that is looking to offer a product currently missing from the UK market, or an established retailer who wants to expand their product range?

The global supply chain is a complex industry, with rules and regulations that change from country to country. Importing goods comes with its own set of hurdles that must be dealt with before you can start selling your wares, and this includes import taxes and fees which must be paid any time goods come into … Read More

Back to basics: cutting costs with better inventory management

Part 1: Knowing what you’ve got

Companies often evaluate their supply chain with an eye toward transportation costs. There is nothing wrong with this supply chain managementapproach, and transport costs are usually the lion’s share of logistics costs, but inventory related costs should not be ignored. Inventory and warehousing costs may be your second largest logistics spend, and reducing those costs can help quite a lot.

Of course, every business is different. Different industries have different inventory needs, and different levels of customer service offerings within the same industry have different requirements. Nonetheless, every business has to decide how much inventory to … Read More

Top-tier 3PL – The secrets of a good business relationship


All over the internet there are blogs and articles full of tips and tricks to help you build a better relationship with your 3PL company. Some of the most obvious pieces of advice involve thoroughly vetting your 3PL before signing any long term contracts.

But what do some of the best third party logistics companies offer their clients, not just in the form of excellent logistics services and packages, but in a business relationship as well?

Always maintain good communication…

Any good business to business relationship needs effective communication at all levels. The less communication there is between a … Read More

Amethyst Group case study working with the Luxury Fashion Multichannel

Amethyst warehousing logoAmethyst Group are supply chain management experts based in Staplehurst, Kent, working with various industries looking to outsource their logistics. Recently they advised Whichwarehouse of a case study involving working with Luxury Fashion Multichannel. Learn more below of how they executed the clients requirements with ease and professionalism. 

Working with many mutli channel fashion and beauty companies, Amethyst provides warehousing and distribution services for both retailers and wholesalers, domestically and worldwide. The Luxury Fashion Multichannel was looking for a logistics partner who were able to provide flexibility and handle large daily volumes of orders.

Amethyst put together a … Read More

Whichwarehouse interviews Chiltern Transport & Warehousing Ltd

Based in Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, Chiltern Transport and Warehousng have been successfully providing chiltern transport & warehousingwarehousing and distribution for companies with commercial goods needing storage and distribution. Whichwarehouse speaks to Chiltern below about changes they have seen in the logistics industry and what they believe is in store for 2014.

So let's take a look at what logistics professionals Chiltern Transport & Warehousng have to say

Chiltern advised Whichwarehouse that the majority of companies that tend to store with them are within the food and drink industries. When asked about the difficulties they have faced over the years Chiltern explained that companies undercutting … Read More

Transparency in third party logistics

Most businesses would prefer to manage their own logistics if they could afford to. They like having the first-hand 3plsknowledge of day to day operations and the feeling of control doing it yourself brings. Third party logistics providers exist because they can usually do it all for a lot less money than it costs to manage in house. The perceived lack of control is the price businesses have to pay for efficiency.

However, there is a growing movement towards vastly increased transparency among 3PLs, which offers clients the same efficiency with a greater sense of oversight and control. When given … Read More

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