Hilarious Forklift Driving

Funny Forklift Driving – Should have called Whichwarehouse for a professional service!

Scarily incompetent Forklift Operators

Over the next coming weeks we will be posting all the funny logistics videos and pictures we find on the internet so show you just how wrong it can turn out for your company by choosing the wrong logistics company.

We hope you enjoy the first of our finds, we particularly enjoyed the part where the driver asked for 'help' and the giggling in the background. It is actually quite scary to think that people in charge of machinery such as forklifts just as this driver appear unaware of weights and what their machines can actually handle. It's lucky it didn't turn out worse for all concerned.

Funny forklift drivers are great for a bit of amusement however if you need professional logistics for your company rather than cowboys,call Whichwarehouse and let us put you in touch with competent and professional companies to save you time, money and problems down the line.

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