Walker Logistics, warehousing experts speak to Whichwarehouse

So how have Walker Logistics, a third party logistics provider based in Berkshire found the last few years

Offering over 200,000 sq ft of warehousing in a fantastic location within easy reach of London, Walker Logistics clearly have their finger on the pulse in the logistics industry. Whichwarehouse spoke to Walker about their views on the industry as we have done with many of our other members to find out exactly how they see the industry going and what changes they have seen of late.

During our interview with Walker Logistics we asked what type of industries they see most looking to store with their company? As with many logistics members we have interviewed during this process they explained "A variety of industry types but ones that are fulfilling B2C (or both) and where value can be added e.g. time sensitive deliveries / gift wrapping / kitting etc."

What difficulties have you seen in the warehousing world recently?

When discussing the biggest difficulties they have faced as an operator and how they overcome them, they went on to say that operating in many industries and both B2B / B2C brings spikes and seasonality it’s important to have efficient planning / constant client review meetings / effective account management to make sure you are prepared in terms of both personnel and space.

Walker Logistics constantly adapt their WMS (Chess Logistics) to offer more services along with direct carrier integration and internal labour tracking helping to maximize their efficiency and performance for customers. 

Whichwarehouse asked them what they feel was the biggest change in the industry during 2013? Walker Logistics advised the need for more and more B2C fulfillment along with clients expecting increased live visibility and order turnaround with later daily cut-off times was the biggest change they have seen. This goes hand in hand with what Whichwarehouse are seeing more which is a dramatic increase of online businesses needing an automation process for their fulfilment services, ensuring the smooth running of their etail business.

Walker Logistics have noticed  companies more focused on value for money and looking closer at pricing v service to make sure they are providing and receiving the levels expected over the past few years and in this economic climate.

That being said Walker have said that this has had a positive effect on their company and have seen an increase in new business enquiries from people either unhappy with the service they are getting from a 3PL or wanting to change / outsource to drive down costs and increase efficiency which in turn allows them to focus on their core business and skills rather than spending time on logistics activities.

They went on to say that they have seen a number of their customers who have traditionally been totally B2B have now expanded into B2C to run alongside their B2B business.

As many of Walker Logistics enquiries mainly require B2C fulfillment in some capacity and as this is more complex and involved than bulk movement, companies are turning to 3PL’s to assist with these services.

So to conclude, once again the way forward for many logistics companies is clearly moving more towards the fulfilment side of business.

Whichwarehouse would like to thank Walker Logistics for sharing their thoughts and wish them continued success with their business.




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