India Warehousing Giant Receives Cash Boost

India’s Continental Warehousing Corporation is reportedly in line to receive $100 million of finance from the Warbus Pincus private equity fund, which has already pumped more than $2.2 billion into companies in the subcontinent over the past decade.

Continental Warehousing is based in Chennai and is part of the NDR group, one of the largest warehouse operators in India, whicn controls an estimated 100,000 square metres of warehouse floor space.

This financial injection will give Continental Warehousing the means by which to further cement its position as one of the strongest end-to-end logistics solutions providers in India, controlling a number of networks, including countrywide inland container depots linked by a rail system.

According to KPMG, India has an ever growing demand for warehouse and storage space, with a report published in December stating that in order to balance supply and demand correctly an additional
12 million square metres of warehouse space will be required.

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