City Warehouse to Become Upmarket Eatery and Apartments

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The oldest remaining warehouse in the City of London is to be hived off into a trendy bar and restaurant complex, according to reports this week in the Evening Standard newspaper.

The paper said that the Old Bengal Warehouse near Bishopsgate in east London is being redeveloped, as the old trading character of the Square Mile is gradually replaced with upmarket eateries and delicatessens. The developers are to turn the 10,000-plus square feet of warehousing space into a fish restaurant, a chop house and a vintners, to be operated by the D&D London group, with luxury apartments built on the upper floors. The complex is expected to open to the public next spring.

The move marks the passing of an era of London history, with the warehouse itself being built from 1768-1771 by the East India Company. It was originally used to provide warehousing space for cigars, tea, port and spices.

D&D London chairman Des Gunewarden told the Standard: “The whole of City and the area north of the City have seen a huge change in the past 10 years.”

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