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Swansea is the second most populous city in Wales after Cardiff. While the surrounding area might be better known for its production of coal, during the nineteenth century Swansea was a world centre of the copper industry; an association that went so far as to earn it the nickname “Copperopolis”. The M4 provides a good transport link to a number of major cities to the east, including Cardiff, Bristol and ultimately London.

Most warehouses in Swansea offer pallet storage and order fulfilment services. By using our online directory, you can refine your search and look for warehouses that specialise in pick and pack and distribution services.

warehousingClick here to find one company in particular that offers a warehousing and fulfilment services in Swansea at competitive rates. They are situated close to the M4 offereing anexcellent location and have a great deal of experience in fulfilment and e-commerce fulfilment. Having superb contacts with warehousing companies abroad they can assist with a number of logistics requirements in the UK and abroad.

Wales offers a suitable solution for most companies looking to outsource their logistics due it’s close proximity to the Midlands and South West and also the competitve pallet storage rates you can find in this area. If you would like more advice on warehousing in Swansea, Wales, please feel free to contact a member of the Whichwarehouse team on 0800 1707 555.


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