Factors to consider when choosing a new warehouse

Considerations for when your business is seeking a new warehouse provider or facility

large industrial warehouseAdmittedly, stock plays a significant role when it comes to any trading business. As a result, it is imperative that your stock is stored in a warehouse that precisely meets your company’s needs. The process of securing the right warehouse can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing however that need not be the case. Whichwarehouse has a database full of experienced & professional 3PL (third party logistics) members throughout the UK who able to assist with all of your storage & logistics needs. Whether you require a warehouse … Read More

Delivery options and how they influence online shopping trends

The importance for a variety of delivery options from retailers and what’s available

drone delivery

We all face the ‘inconvenience’ of the necessity for purchasing goods and millions of people are now opting for the M-commerce route in order to fulfil this need. This could be the method of choice for many for several reasons; the product required is not available in high street shops, lack of time due to work commitments or unable to leave the house due to no mode of transport or illness. The importance that retailers offer a variety of different delivery methods is therefore essential. Consumers like Read More

A guide to warehouse space planning & storage solutions

Warehouse Space Planning & Storage Solutions

In the ever-growing industries of logistics, transportation and storage, it is imperative that companies find the right solution to fulfil their particular storage requirements. It could be that a relocation to a bigger space is the ideal solution; you could rent out space in another’s facility, or even strategically adapt your own storage set-up to accommodate new stock and product types. However you choose to do it, you’re going to need a storage solution that works best for you, and that’s where we come in!

Our friends at Whichwarehouse have kindly allowed us at Read More

Whichwarehouse secures franchise advertising deal

We've got it covered

Whichwarehouse is a one-stop advertising portal for warehouse, storage & logistics industries

Whichwarehouse is a one-stop advertising and information portal for all things “storage & logistics”. Whether you have a warehouse that you want to advertise to potential customers or if you are the customer looking for warehouse space. We cater for all! For the past 13 years, we have built up an extensive network of available storage & logistics (3PL) services covering the whole of the UK and Ireland.

In 2015 Diamond Logistics enlisted the services of Whichwarehouse to assist with the growth of their new fulfilment service. Together Read More

How selecting the right 3PL partner for your business can help keep you one step ahead of your competition!

How can a 3PL help you stand out over your competitors

Choosing a 3PLThe third party logistics (3PL) companies that are available today throughout the sector, have, over the years, developed and introduced more mature processes with the help of advanced technological warehouse software packages, to assist businesses with their warehousing & logistics requirements. This helps to enable that you stay on top of your competition within your chosen industry sector. Most organisations view the delivery of their product(s) to their client base with good value and excellence as the most important factor when considering their 3PL partner. Whereas others … Read More

Rise of the robots: how robotic technology could change the game for logistics

How can robots assist the logistics industry

A quick look back over history will show that, as time goes on, innovations in technology give us new ways of completing everyday tasks: instead of boiling water on a stove for a cup of tea, we now use a kettle; instead of sending letters, we use email. And in the industrial world it’s no different, as companies look to increase productivity, decrease costs and safeguard their future. Often, the difference between a profit-making company and one that goes out of business is the speed with which they innovated their processes and embraced Read More

Cyber Attacks a Threat to Ocean Cargo Shipping

International Cargo Shipping and Cyber Attacks cargo shipping and cyber attacks

International ocean cargo shipping faces a lot of challenges such as piracy but none of these is anywhere close to cyber security challenges. Container carriers have been in constant risk of serious cyber attacks after tests ascertained that lots of top ocean cargo carriers stand extremely vulnerable.

Are cargo shippers at risk of phishing?

One of the cyber attacks cargo shippers are vulnerable to is phishing, allowing all kinds of hackers to access some of the core data global shippers handle with extreme care. Beyond carriers, cyber attacks also affect many others within the … Read More

Cost v service – what’s more important to you when searching for a 3PL?

Cost v service – what’s more important to you when searching for a 3PL?

Cost savings

When being contacted by companies who are seeking a new or alternative third party logistics (3PL) solution, the main objective, we are told, is that the “price is the most important factor”. We do, of course, try our best to find a cost effective solution for the client. However, 9 times out of 10, these companies will be contacting us again within a matter of months, because they have realised that their unrealistic pricing expectations simply means, a detrimental effect in respect of the quality and Read More

A little background information on Whichwarehouse & the service we provide

Warehousing and Logistics services for your business – how can Whichwarehouse help?

Variety for WhichwarehouseWhichwarehouse has been established now for more than 13 years – having helped hundreds (if not thousands) of companies and individuals during this time, to find suitable warehousing solutions. All of whom have been very satisfied with the service they have received from Whichwarehouse. The testimonials on our website speak for themselves.

Storage, warehouse space to rent, pick & pack, reverse logistics, temperature controlled & hazardous storage and transport services, plus much more

Whichwarehouse is so diverse that it doesn’t matter if you are looking to store 1 Read More

Storage, pick & pack and logistics services for E-commerce start-ups

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce (or Electronic Commerce in full) is the bEcommerce fulfilmentuying and selling of goods and services via the internet.  Being a relatively young concept, online businesses really took off with the introduction of the internet in 1991 – approximately the time when e-commerce was born.   The start of this worldwide phenomenon has allowed for thousands of companies to either start-up or evolve into online trading, whether buying or selling.  As long as the world continues to experience the improvements and technological advancements as seen over the last few decades, e-commerce will continue to grow and grow.  The … Read More

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