Aztek Logistics Achieves BRC Global Standard

Press Release

Aztek Logistics Ltd have recently been awarded the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, enabling BRC manufacturers access to Aztek’s extensive range of specialist services within the logistics industry.

The highly regarded standard was developed by industry experts, designed to ensure that best practice was upheld during the handling, storage and distribution of products. The Standard is based on hazard and risk analysis, supported by a documented quality management system and best practice principles.

In alignment with Aztek’s continuous drive for improvement in their operating practices, the new BRC Standard follows the recent Organic Food Federation accreditation, Read More

Three trends in supply chain management and logistics in 2016

As e-commerce develops and customers make ever greater demands on the supply chain, so technology is enabling businesses to be more agile, responsive and intelligent in their activities. This piece will discuss three key trends in supply chain and logistics in the coming year as businesses that do things right will become the most competitive and most able to meet the demands of their customers.

Artificial Intelligence, collaboration and agile management will run through both sectors, enabling those who bring them on board to have leaner and more efficient business practices.

Artificial Intelligence

People have been talking about driver-less cars, Read More

Could your warehouse be more efficient?

Five tips to help achieve maximum warehouse efficiencyEfficiency for article 30.03.16

If the current operation of a warehouse is working effectively and providing their customers with a high level of service and customer satisfaction, does this mean that there is no room for improvement?  Simple answer, NO.  No matter what the industry is, there is always room for improvement.  There is almost, always, something that can be done to assist with a company’s efficiency.  This is why many warehouse companies, investigate periodically and research the reorganisation of their current techniques.

This post is aimed to offer tips that could help to improve a Read More

Bonded warehouses in the UK

Wet & Dry Customs bonded warehouse providers in the United Kingdom

bonded storage

We receive many calls and enquiries to our office here at Whichwarehouse in respect of how to find a list of warehouses in the UK that offer Customs Bonded storage & warehousing services.  As you may well be aware, no such list exists in the public domain.  Specialised warehousing in the UK is not as widely advertised as ambient and temperature controlled facilities and therefore contact details are hard to find when it comes to a company requiring bonded storage solutions.

That’s where Whichwarehouse can assist.  We have a Read More

Puropack Limited create state-of-the-art fully automated warehouse

Warehouse services, pallet storage, container unloading & logistics services from Puropack Limited

Whichwarehouse visited one of our members recently at their facility in Sandwich, Kent. They had told us of their automated warehouse sandwich, kentrecently upgraded warehouse and the automated system they have installed to create a state-of-the-art pallet storage & handling operation. At 38,000 square feet the building provides 7500 EURO pallet spaces. With an eaves height of 30 metres the high bay racking system provides floor to ceiling storage space. This allowing for efficiency, cost effectiveness and maximum use of space.

Warehouse facility in Sandwich providing a range of logistics services

Read More

Major 3PL allows Whichwarehouse to assist with their advertising strategy

Howard Tenens chooses Whichwarehouse to advertise their extensive warehouse footprint


Following the launch of the newly designed Whichwarehouse website, we are delighted to announce that one of our long-standing members, Howard Tenens, has increased the number of registered warehouse facilities listed on our site. With their continued growth of warehouse footprint in the UK now offering in excess of 3,500,000 ft2, Howard Tenens are fast becoming one the most sought after property and logistics companies in the UK. Already boasting an impressive portfolio of clients, including Honda, Toolstation and the widely renowned Costa Coffee, their further expansion will allow … Read More

IT’S HERE!! Whichwarehouse launch their redesigned website

Launch Goals Aspiration Target Dreams Office Browsing Concept

Finally, after months of groundwork and hard work by our designers, today is an exciting day for Whichwarehouse as we announce the launch of our newly designed website.  The new site is now live and you can visit by clicking here.

At the beginning of 2015 we carried out research amongst our network of warehouse members as well as users of the existing Whichwarehouse site.  From the feedback we recognised we should make some amendments to improve user friendliness and ensure that our site is mobile responsive on all modern day devices. Not only has the layout been updated Read More

Why the bar-code reader is changing

Improvements to the bar code scanner

In the logistics and supply industries, there is one staple which is more familiar than any other: the scanner gun.

bar code scanners and SKU's

These readers are used worldwide in warehouses and along the supply chain, but now companies are seeking to improve productivity with a makeover of this essential tool. By improving the scanner gun, the companies are seeking to respond to a surge in their online orders with tools which react very quickly to instructions, and are able to do more while still retaining their essential function.

How scanners can affect logistics

The essential purpose of Read More

Factors to consider when choosing a new warehouse

Considerations for when your business is seeking a new warehouse provider or facility

large industrial warehouseAdmittedly, stock plays a significant role when it comes to any trading business. As a result, it is imperative that your stock is stored in a warehouse that precisely meets your company’s needs. The process of securing the right warehouse can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing however that need not be the case. Whichwarehouse has a database full of experienced & professional 3PL (third party logistics) members throughout the UK who able to assist with all of your storage & logistics needs. Whether you require a warehouse … Read More

Delivery options and how they influence online shopping trends

The importance for a variety of delivery options from retailers and what’s available

drone delivery

We all face the ‘inconvenience’ of the necessity for purchasing goods and millions of people are now opting for the M-commerce route in order to fulfil this need. This could be the method of choice for many for several reasons; the product required is not available in high street shops, lack of time due to work commitments or unable to leave the house due to no mode of transport or illness. The importance that retailers offer a variety of different delivery methods is therefore essential. Consumers like Read More

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