Working Towards Sustainability In Packaging

Nearly all the major companies we know and love have embraced the idea of sustainable business – from fair trade packaging in warehousingproducts to eco-friendly packaging, even the logistics industry is shaking off the old ways of thinking and taking on board fresh new ideas about how to create sustainable packaging within the supply chain.

Whether you produce most of your own packaging, or work with a warehousing company to create packing materials suitable for your products, there are plenty of ways in which you can integrate sustainable packaging into your brand.

Having clear recycling instructions

Having clear recycling information on your packaging (not just tucked away in the corner) helps to improve sustainability even after your product is delivered to your customer. In the environmentally conscious world we live in, you can choose to fully embrace it and make it part of your brand (think Innocent Smoothies).

Using environmentally sourced materials

In terms of quality, materials that have been environmentally sourced are just as good as those that haven’t been. Cardboard from sustainable forests and recycled plastics doesn’t cost that much more than standard materials and leaves a lasting impression on environmentally conscious consumers.

Turning sustainability into profits

A green marketing campaign is a great way of showing consumers that you’re committed to sustainability. Packaging used in food and drink products can be returned for recycling or reuse in exchange for money off future purchases, encouraging sales and increasing profits.                                              

Mixing it up

Jumping straight into fully recycled packaging can be a big task, especially if you’ve been using economy standard non-green packaging materials which tend to be cheaper. Gradually increasing the amount of recycled packaging used can help slowly bring your brand into the 21st century, as well as highlighting anything that doesn’t quite work first time round.

Swapping one type of filling for another

Specialist packaging such as air filled plastic pillows are cheaper than most other types of protective filler, and are more environmentally friendly than polystyrene. It even has the added benefit of being extremely lightweight which can reduce shipping costs.


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