Amethyst Group case study working with the Luxury Fashion Multichannel

Amethyst warehousing logoAmethyst Group are supply chain management experts based in Staplehurst, Kent, working with various industries looking to outsource their logistics. Recently they advised Whichwarehouse of a case study involving working with Luxury Fashion Multichannel. Learn more below of how they executed the clients requirements with ease and professionalism. 

Working with many mutli channel fashion and beauty companies, Amethyst provides warehousing and distribution services for both retailers and wholesalers, domestically and worldwide. The Luxury Fashion Multichannel was looking for a logistics partner who were able to provide flexibility and handle large daily volumes of orders.

Amethyst put together a project team to examine the client's requirements and understand the varied nature of the multi channel international business. They then specified the systems and operational processes required. Working closely with the client and their partners, Amethyst carried out a carefully planned six month implementation and phased handover from the incumbent to make sure the move to Amethyst’s distribution centre in Kent was as smooth as possible

The feedback from the client's headquarters was that most departments didn’t even realise the move had taken place! Through teamwork Amethyst have forged a strong partnership which gives the client the freedom to concentrate on their core business while Amethyst look after their logistics.

When asked how Luxury Fashion Multichannel felt the project was handled by Amethyst, they advised “ We're extremely pleased with the professional way Amethyst has conducted the project. We were overwhelmed by the success of the Website. Amethyst were able to adapt to higher than expected volumes quickly and have continued to deliver high quality service.”

Whichwarehouse are proud to include Amethyst Group as one of their trusted members and highly recommend their services to companies looking to outsource their warehousing and distribution needs.


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