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Five tips to help achieve maximum warehouse efficiencyEfficiency for article 30.03.16

If the current operation of a warehouse is working effectively and providing their customers with a high level of service and customer satisfaction, does this mean that there is no room for improvement?  Simple answer, NO.  No matter what the industry is, there is always room for improvement.  There is almost, always, something that can be done to assist with a company’s efficiency.  This is why many warehouse companies, investigate periodically and research the reorganisation of their current techniques.

This post is aimed to offer tips that could help to improve a warehouse operation.

Space optimisation

Consider the arrangements of your warehouse in comparison to the type of stock stored.  Perhaps the layout is not currently maximising the revenue as well as it could be.   For example if you have a high eaves height but are not taking advantage of this in respect of how you have your pallet racking arranged, perhaps you could go higher!

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Choose good software management systems

Inaugurating a good Warehouse Management System could be the key to maximum organisation within the warehouse.  If you carefully consider the process of how your current software combines items and if it does so in any particular order this will allow you to make amendments, if necessary, in order to save time on the warehouse floor when it comes to your pick & pack procedures.

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Keep packaging options to a minimum

Employees who carry out the pick & pack process do not need too much choice when it comes to packaging of the goods.  This can cause hesitation and longer picking times.  Therefore if they are supplied with just one or two different types of boxes/cases in which to package the goods they pick, this avoids lengthy pick times.  Sticking to a particular brand or type of packaging will also assist in keeping distribution costs to a minimum because you will always know how much it costs to ship a certain size product (including packaging).


It could be worthwhile spending some time researching and considering installing an automated system in to the warehouse.

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Explore advanced technology

Technology is far more advanced today than it was 10 years ago and it will continue to experience considerable development in the years to come.  You can spend thousands on the best technology for your warehouses today and then in a couple of years it could be outdated and you will need to consider investing in new gear.  It is therefore important to keep an eye on the market place for all new equipment that is available to warehouse owners.  Procedures which highly benefit warehousing systems can include elements such as pick-to-light, bar codes and a more recent invention, voice-activated technology.  Each piece of equipment which has been developed for the aforementioned, all assist with the increased efficiency and enhanced precision carried out on the warehouse floor.

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