Protect Your Belongings by Using Climate Controlled Self Storage

Would your products benefit from climate controlled storage facilities?

Many factors are involved when selecting an ideal self storage facility.climate controled self storage Customer service, security, location, andappearance are typical aspects that individuals consider before making their decision. However, climate control is often overlooked. Climate control is a critical feature that protects your prized possessions from extreme temperatures and humidity. Climate controlled storage environments are kept at stable temperatures and are properly ventilated to prevent damage to items. The following belongings are especially vulnerable to damage when stored in a regular storage unit. Descriptions underneath explain why we strongly recommend storing each one in a controlled environment.

Papers and Books

Many individuals believe that paper products are not temperature sensitive. This is far from reality. Paper is often made from a wood-based pulp that turns yellow over time. The molecules in this paper break down at a higher rate when exposed to high temperatures, meaning that this process begins extremely quickly under hot conditions. Additionally, the ink on paper can fade and the glue in book bindings can deteriorate in these same temperatures.


Never store electronics such as computers, cameras, and televisions in a regular storage unit. These electronics will be subject to extreme hot and cold temperatures which will alter the complexion of electrically charged liquid. This liquid can be found in LCD displays, which are often used in computers and televisions. Furthermore, the internal wiring of electronics may be damaged and could in turn prevent these devices from powering on.

Antiques and Family Heirlooms

Old antiques and family heirlooms are highly susceptible to damage even before they are placed in self storage. These items are usually not in top-notch shape, which only accelerates the deterioration process in hot and cold temperatures. Metals and plastics quickly become brittle, causing the antique or heirloom to possibly break or lose all value.


Before storing any kind of furniture in a self storage unit, think of what unregulated temperatures could do to it. Chairs, sofas, or mattresses could potentially mold in humid conditions. Wood tables may swell, warp, or split. Always wrap furniture in plastic and store each piece in a climate controlled unit for protection.

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