Why You Should Outsource Your Cold Storage Needs

If you’re the owner of a large retail business looking to outsource your fulfilment needs, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the solutions a cold storageprofessional logistics management company can provide. From warehouses that offer storage, pick and pack, distribution and transportation services, there are literally hundreds of companies on the market from which you can choose.

But if you have more specialist storage and distribution needs, like cold and deep freeze storage for example, a logistics company like Whichwarehouse can help you find the right solutions for that too. Contact us today on 0800 1707 555 for more information.

Specialist cold storage warehousing facilities and chilled warehousing are essential for retailers or business owners whose entire stock consists of perishable food items. Chilled storage eliminates bacteria and insect damage which can lead to rot, ultimately making the food items worthless. But chilled storage solutions aren’t just limited to preserving food; there are other items that require chilled storage to stay in saleable condition, such as freshly cut flowers imported from other countries.

Finding the right cold storage facility can be difficult. There are a number of warehouses that offer both cold and ambient temperature storage, with the temperature controlled environments separate to the main facility.

Specialist cold and chilled storage facilities can run a little differently to a typical warehouse, with the latest in temperature controlling technology and warehouse management systems.

Simple things like air locked doors to keep in the cold and the ability to maintain cold temperatures even in the event of a power cut are why outsourcing your cold storage is one of the best ways to dramatically reduce profit losses.

Though there will be warehouse operatives on site, due to the cold temperatures the majority of cold storage warehouses pick and pack orders using an automated system, usually a series of computer controlled conveyer belts and mechanical arms that keep the cold storage supply chain in motion.

Specialist deep freeze and cold storage warehouses will also have refrigerated transportation in place to distribute goods to where they need to go, ensuring that your stock reaches its destination in perfect condition.



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