Fulfilment company Technical Fulfilment offer their views on the industry in 2014

With the increase of ecommerce businesses how are Technical Fulfilment finding the logistics industry?

Technical Fulfilment is a fantastic fulfilment company based in Newark and a member of Whichwarehouse. They deal with all types of pick and pack services and order fulfilment for  companies large and small.

With the increase of fulfilment services needed for more and more online businesses in the UK today, we were keen to see what Technical Fulfilments thoughts were on the industry of late and see how their business is doing in 2014..

We asked Technical Fulfilment about the type of business they generally receive and what difficulties they have faced since opening. They explained that due to being a small to medium size warehouse, their predominant enquiries come from B2B companies rather than retail to end consumer. As they are a fairly new warehouse to the region and have only been trading since 2009 then their biggest difficulties have been trying to source new business. Luckily they also operate a distribution business so they actually send out their our own company product which has helped during the current recession.

When discussing whether they have any new systems in place which they feel has helped their business they advised that although not a new system as such they have secured a deal with UPS which has helped them retain customers as they have much better shipping rates for their boxes. They also achieved ISO:9001 status in both their warehouse and distribution business which again has helped tremendously.

As many other logistics companies advised they have seen a change in the industry in 2013 with more and more companies looking for fulfilment services we asked Technical Fulfilment the same. Due to being predominantly a fulfilment company, they did not notice a huge change last year as their main customers are fulfilment customers anyway.

How has the economic situation affected your fulfilment company over the past few years?

As Technical Fulfilment only started their warehouse in its current location at the beginning of 2009 they believe that the economic climate has affected their company by their customers holding less products in stock and back to back ordering. "Holding our heads up during the recession has been a positive step forward for us" said Mark.

It has however had a negative effect as potential customers have been frightened off by the recession and take longer in the decision making process regarding moving their stock from one warehouse to another.

Whichwarehouse asked if they think that more and more companies will move into putting their products online and handing over the complete logistics requirements to an operator such as Technical Fulfilment.

"We would like to think so but find it difficult to know how to advertise to these areas – a lot of the business is won purely on cost and we like to think that ‘you get what you pay for; therefore, although we might not be the cheapest on the market, we know that we offer our customers a personal effective service and this is what won us our most recent client back in November last year" explained Mark at Technical Fulfilment.

Well, with the industry seeing more companies looking into reducing costs and moving towards the online market, Whichwarehouse believes that Technical Fulfilment are in a strong position to succeed and expand and we wish them all the best for 2014.










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