Five Elms Boosts Holdings With Smart Warehousing Scheme

A Kansas City based firm, Five Elms Capital, recently purchased a stake in a Smart Warehousing scheme that will give the organisation the potential to pursue regional procurements in various ventures across the country.

Smart Warehousing made this announcement last week, but executives chose not to mention the specific amount of money invested. Already controlling an area of over 1.7 million square feet of warehouse area in Hawaii, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas itself, this new tranche of investment will see them planning on expanding warehouse operations into Idaho, Texas, Utah and Nevada in an effort to further improve warehousing services nationwide.

Already boasting a list of some 350 clients, the warehousing giants aim to provide small to medium-ranged organisations the ability to track and manage inventories using “Walmart like” software systems. Despite choosing not to divulge a figure regarding investment, the managing partner of Five Elms Capital, Fred Coulson, did say that Five Elms had been considering the Smart Warehousing project for a period of around two years.

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