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What the warehouse of the future might look like

The Future of warehousing

With the rise of e-commerce showing no signs of slowing down, morewarehousing in the future  and more retailers are looking to invest in a sleek and speedy logistics system. Now is the time to future proof the logistical hubs that tie a supply chain together. Warehouses are set to be bigger, more advanced, and strategically located, and the race is on to construct sites that can accommodate changing demands.

It’s not only the dimensions and content of the warehouse that is being re-examined, but the location too. Regional large-scale logistical hubs are a good way of shortening lead Read More

How can Meachers Global Logistics help your business?

Meachers Global Logistics – the perfect logistics choice for your business

Let’s discover a bit more about Meachers Global Logistics and how they logistics in Southampton and Derbycould help your business with their supply chain management services Originally starting out as a coal business more than 50 years ago, eventually expanding and diversifying into the general haulage industry, with the company Meachers Transport being born in 1958. Initially serving the dock merchandise sector before branching out into warehousing. Over the years Meachers has acquired numerous companies to continue the expansion of the organisation, proving to be very successful in their specialised services. 1996 saw Read More

What does the decline of the high street mean for fulfilment services?

Rising ecommerce shops and declining high street stores

According to a recent BBC report, 2014 experienced more than double increase of ecommerce storesthe net shop closures than in 2013, 365 to be exact. Shops are lured by cheaper operations costs as an exclusively online business, or simply unable to cope with the falling footfall high streets are experiencing. But the high street is far from dead, and in many locations as busy as ever. What’s changed is the nature of the shopping street, and that has some significant effects on order fulfilment services.

Traditional retailers may be struggling to compete with Read More

Could your business benefit from Intralogistics?

What is Intralogistics?

Intralogistics is the optimisation, integration, automation and intralogistics and supply chainmanagement of the logistical flow of data and material goods held in a fulfilment and distribution centre (DC). This is the effective management of all materials within the supply chain. Put simply, Intralogistics is the process of how a product gets from A to B within a warehouse using the most efficient methods.

The function of intralogistics is monitored carefully by refined database and software systems to ensure the comprehensive analysis of existing processes used by a company which then enables the user to ensure their performance is achieving the Read More

How acquisitions affect fulfilment services

What are the effects of acquisitions on fulfilment services?

Business is great. According to the Barclays Corporate report, 81% of warehousing and order fulfilment serviceslogistics professionals believe the logistics industry in the UK is stronger than it was at pre-recession levels, and current optimism in the sector is high. 50% of companies are looking to take on more staff, and around a quarter are planning an acquisition in the next year. Now is the time to look closely at how acquisitions will affect fulfilment services.

Fulfilment services are responsible for the receiving, packaging and shipping of goods, and most of the business caters … Read More

The importance of logistics in the agri-food sector

Logistics for the agricultural and food produce industries

logistics for food products

The topic of supply chain processes and logistics for agriculture and food produce is indeed, somewhat intricate. Handling the logistics of such products, operators are faced with taking accountability for all actions conducted throughout the entire chain. These being; to safeguard the quality and well-being of all products (including livestock) as well as to create a sustainable solution for their clients (allowing them to maintain control of their market by being an attractive source financially), whilst, of course, not compromising their standards of service. Over the years the importance of logistics for Read More

Choosing logistics services for your business

Different logistics services to benefit your business

Here we continue with the different variants of services available within the logistics industry that may apply to your supply chain. It is important to fully understand the needs of your business in order to be able to assess which company would be best suited to complement your organisation with regard to the logistics of your products. Whether that be from the importation of the goods to the UK or the fulfilment and distribution to your market consumers.

Here we take a look at a few of the lesser known services available in Read More

Which logistics services apply to your organisation?

Part 1 – deciding on your logistics services

Thinking of starting a business in the UK supplying and distributing logistics services for your businessproducts? Not sure which logistics services willapply to you and your company or which 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers to explore to best complement the service and reputation you wish to achieve? Then this article is for you.

With a network of 83 3PL/4PL members covering the UK and Ireland, Whichwarehouse strives to have a specialised logistics partner that’s perfect for you and your logistical requirements. All of our members are experts in services covering international freight, self-storage, cold storage, self-storageRead More

Factors to Review in Devising a Logistics Strategy

Logistics companies and your business

Logistics is an indispensable part of business management. It is the logistics companies lost extensive one as it covers major business operations such as planning, budgeting, procurement, employment, production, marketing, warehousing, transportation, distribution, customer support and inventory. It can be defined as the complex coordination of resources for business operations. These resources include financial capital, facilities, supplies and human resources.

Due to its complexities, some companies seek the services of logistics companies. There are certain business operations (planning, budgeting and production) that can only be done internally or within the company alone. However, it is also Read More

How does the growth in foreign logistics markets affect us?

Global Logistics and growth in this market

Supplying to foreign markets is nothing new. Think about how worldwide certain drinks and sweets have become and with more and more developing countries emerging as international exporters, and the steady growth experienced by many eastern nations, global logistics is set to continue rising, presenting new and exciting opportunities and the challenges that come with them.

Growth spurts in the East for global logistics

Nicknamed The Rising Dragon, Vietnam has been attracting global logistics firms for years, and is now experiencing an economic growth spurt. As success continues, the country is expecting to Read More

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