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Logistics Predictions for 2018

whichwarehouse.com tries to keep its finger on the pulse of our industry as a whole. We’ve looked at the key developments in 2017 and we’re going to suggest that the following will be crunch points for many logistics and supply chain 2018 managers:


Growth in trade volumes

Containerised trade volume is likely to increase in 2018, but projections vary from around 1.8% to 5.1%. What’s more, agreed on is that port volumes in Europe are likely to decrease by around half a percent while Africa’s port volumes could increase by as much as 25%.Read More

Top Logistics Stories – 2017 in focus

We want to start by wishing all our readers a Happy New Year!!!

At whichwarehouse.com we watch our industry eagerly to find out what the emerging trends are, and to explore how we can best help our customers fulfil their logistics, haulage and warehousing needs.

Over the past year we’ve brought you lots of meaty stories, so here’s our roundup of the most interesting logistics developments in 2017…

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Heathrow cargo slots and warehousing

A visionary plan for warehousing near Heathrow is being approved and it could change the way that freight, cargo and warehousing are handled in the UK’s biggest airport.

Interestingly, the warehousing space isn’t the main reason that a vast underground construction is likely to begin in 2019, rather it’s the vast reserve of minerals to be found in the selected area.

The site which has just been given planning permission runs parallel to the A312 (The Parkway) and the A4 (Bath Road) This is significant because Bath Road is already a vital road link to Heathrow, much used by cargo Read More

Customs, borders and logistics – how to plan for Brexit on 29 March 2019

While the UK logistics industry has declared that it’s ready to work closely with the government to try to ensure Post-Brexit structures don’t ‘stifle supply chain efficiency’. The recently published Customs Bill Paper gave an outline framing for the UK’s customs, VAT and excise arrangements after 29 March 2019.

UK Customs after 2019

The framework includes the creation of more inland customs depots to try and create more freedom for port-based customs. What isn’t clear is where these inland depots might be based, how they might be staffed and what effect this might have on the warehousing and logistics sector.Read More

Perishables – the cutting edge of logistics and warehousing

Consumer concerns and expectations are driving substantial change in the field of perishables. How will this demanding area of warehousing and logistics need to alter to keep up?

Consumer concerns about perishable products

The refrigerated warehousing world is being shaken up by consumer concerns about health and safety – from the 2 Sisters Food Group through to worries about cross contact between organic and non-organic foodstuffs, the UK’s consumers in particular are asking difficult questions about the supply chain for their foods and perishables.Read More

Logistics insurance – is it right for you?

Operating a transport or logistics business can be complex enough, but add insurance to the mix and it can seem impossible.

Do you have logistics insurance at all? If so, how confident are you about your logistics insurance, and are you sure it is keeping pace with the increasingly diversifying world of logistics?

There is no such thing as a typical logistics organisation

Whilst logistics operations vary more from each other than almost any other business sector, there are some typical cover requirements, namely:

  • Liability for lost/damaged cargo
  • Liability for errors/omissions (including delays and unauthorised or failed delivery)
  • Third party
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White Glove Logistics and How to Engage Them

‘White glove treatment’ is the term traditionally used to describe a process where a person or thing is handled with extreme care and consideration. White glove logistics has risen rapidly to become a complex area of the supply chain, so what is it and who needs it?

What is white glove logistics?

White glove logistics is often seen as a ‘last mile’ area, but in fact there are nearly as many white glove services focusing on first mile logistics as on last mile and many dedicated specialists offering product handling for delicate or high value items. The proliferation in white Read More

The Challenge Of Urban Logistics

Nobody would think that pouring petrol on a blazing fire would help to put it out, but for many logistics suppliers, and their clients, that’s what the challenge of urban logistics feels like. As more people order online every day of the week, more delivery vehicles flood into urban centres, adding to the congestion, stress and pollution that are just part of the daily experience of urban delivery personnel.

How cities handle logistics

E-commerce is the biggest boom industry since the dot com bubble burst. It shows no sign of slowing down with retail shopping, food delivery, and now services Read More

China’s warehousing robots and their impact on logistics worldwide

A quiet revolution in the nature of warehousing robots has taken place in the past 18 months, and it may impact warehousing and logistics worldwide in the next decade.

China – the powerhouse of logistics innovation

China is both the largest and fastest growing robotics market in the world and the fastest changing logistics and warehousing region. The two, quite clearly, are linked. But why is China leading the world in this area?  Two reasons:

  • China’s immense size has always required innovative approaches to transporting goods, from the Silk Road to today’s delivery drones
  • China has the highest proportion of
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What does new air quality legislation mean for UK logistics?

New UK legislation affects all vehicles

The government’s new measures to control air quality will have a number of impacts on the logistics industry. However, the requirements are nowhere near as stringent as feared. Despite the government having said that 2050 emissions targets meant that ‘almost all new vehicles sold would have to be near zero emission at the tailpipe by 2040’ hybrid car sales will still be allowed which was in doubt until the new legislation was revealed.

Logistics UK and road use – a barrier to progress?

One of the new suggestions is that 80 motorways and A-roads Read More

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