Cold Storage

Chilled, frozen & temperature controlled warehouses

Not all cold storage facilities will cater for both chilled & frozen storage requirements at the same site. 

You will therefore need to research the options available in the location where you are hoping to store your goods.

Some perishable products require specific temperatures for storage & movement.  Warehouses of this nature will advise the temperature ranges available at their location. Chilled will usually range from 0 to 5°c and frozen will cover anything below 0°c.  Some products such as Chocolate need a controlled temperature storage facility but neither which are chilled or frozen. All of these types of storage facilities will preserve the quality of your perishable goods and packaging materials where specific temperature ranges are required.


Where are the chilled and frozen storage facilities in the UK?

You will find cold storage & temperature controlled warehouses quite few and far between in the UK and you will therefore have to enter into searches with an open mind as to the locations where you will be able to store your goods.  You might not be able to find a suitable facility within your local area and will therefore have to search further afield.  You will also need to consider that the cost of temperature controlled storage such as chilled and frozen is going to be significantly more expensive than ambient storage facilities.  This is due to the equipment needed to keep the storage units at the specific temperatures and the costs involved with running the cold storage warehouses.  Cold storage 3PL providers will also be able to offer value added services such as fulfilment, pick & pack and distribution.

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