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There are many 3PL providers and warehouse facilities in the UK that are dedicated to products & industries that require specialised handling & storage. Those such as, pharmaceutical & medical products, bonded and hazardous.

HMRC Bonded Warehouses

If you import expensive goods into the UK such as electrical items or alcohol you might wish to defer the payment of duty and VAT until you sell the goods. There are specific warehouses available throughout the UK (predominantly located and found near major UK ports) that can assist you with this aspect of your business. This option allows the importer to pass on the cost to their customers at the point of sale (P.O.S) rather than having a large outlay at the time of import. Another reason a company might be seeking a bonded warehouse is if the goods are being imported and then re-exported from the UK where duty or VAT may not be applicable.

Bonded warehouses must be approved by HMRC in order to store imported goods or goods that are to be re-exported from the UK. We strongly advise all customers to speak to HMRC if you are looking into wet or dry bonded warehousing as they will be able to provide you with up-to-date information to ensure you have all the facts. The paperwork involved with the procedures and regulations that need to be adhered to can take up to 6 weeks, or more, to process and therefore it is recommended that you put in your applications as soon as possible. This is especially necessary when importing alcohol as companies importing certain alcoholic goods will require a WOWGR licence (Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations (UK). When filing your paperwork with HMRC you will need to provide details of the warehouse you intend to store your goods in. Therefore again, it is vital that you look into this in plenty of time before you import the goods as you will need all arrangements in place before you can bring the goods to the UK.

These links might assist you in your research of bonded warehousing regulations. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/receiving-storing-and-moving-excise-goods https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wine-trade-regulations http://warehousenews.co.uk/2016/02/customs-warehouse-operators-must-crack-new-code/

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Pharmaceutical, Hazardous & Cosmetics

Several of the 3PL providers within the whichwarehouse network specialise in the storage & logistics of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products and are MHRA approved. Any company dealing with these particular items will be aware that special requirements and licences are generally needed for the storage & movement of such items. It is therefore essential that you use the right 3PL provider which has experience of this business and the skilled staff who know how to handle your products. This will ensure that the item is delivered to the end user in perfect condition. All warehouse facilities specialising in this sector will have top of the range, modern day technology and bespoke software which is designed especially for their company and their clients. Some of our members offer bespoke services designed to support the NHS trusts, hospitals and other healthcare providers to assist them in their enhancement of clinical practice and to retain low operation costs. However these providers can also assist with storage and handling of more general items so it is always worth speaking to them about your requirements to see how they can help.

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Organic certified warehouses and BRC accredited

This is another area whichwarehouse can assist with. If you are looking for a warehouse that is oganically certified for your food products or perhaps you just need a BRC accredited warehouse for your foodstuff, then contact our team today to find you a suitable logistics partner.

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