Are you looking for warehousing or bonded storage in Southampton?


Southampton is the largest city inwarehouse space in Southampton Hampshire and a major port, making it a very attractive area for those importing goods and looking for warehousing locally. Many companies import their goods from various countries which arrive at the Port.

If you are looking for bonded storage in this area to store your goods whilst they wait to be exported to another country then ideally rather than pay an extra cost for transporting your goods to a bonded warehouse further afield, a logistics company who offers bonded facilities in Southampton would be your most cost effective solution.

Whichwarehouse has a network of Third Party Logistics providers and warehouse operators with solutions for those who require warehouse space in Southampton that offer pallet storage and order fulfilment services including specialised logistics solutions. Contact the companies below quoting “Whichwarehouse” or contact a member of our team on 0800 1707 555 to see how we can assist.


Where can I find logistics companies offering fulfilment services, pick and pack or HM Customs bonded?


Bartholomews DistributionLbonded storage in southamptontd is a fantastic warehousing company based in Southampton able to offer a range of warehousing services. Whatever your requirement, whether you require a bonded warehouse to save you paying the duty on your products until they are sold or simply need an ambient warehouse and possibly some fulfilment services for your goods to be stored, picked and sent to your customers, Whichwarehouse can assist with any of these requirements and more.

Contact the warehouse providers direct (quoting Whichwarehouse) by clicking on the more info buttons below or call us on 0800 1707 555 for assistance.

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