Interview With Logistics Professionals DMG Freight Services

Over the next few weeks Whichwarehouse will be publishing interviews with logistics professionals within our network to find out a little more about their business and reveal their thoughts on the industry, how they found the logistics business in 2013 and where they see things going for 2014.

Our first interview this year is with DMG Freight Services, a fantastic warehousing and distribution company based in Essex, offering a number of logistics services from freight forwarding and pallet storage to pick and pack and fulfilment services for customers in the UK and abroad looking to outsource their logistics. … Read More

Why Renting Warehouse Space Can Be Good For Business

If you run a commercial business that deals with its own storage and distribution in-house, then you’ll already be familiar with the logistics ofwarehouse for rent running a successful warehouse, and the importance of an efficient forward supply chain.

But if your business is outgrowing its current warehousing facility, then what are the options available to you?

One of the alternative solutions is to simply outsource your fulfilment requirements to another warehousing facility or third party logistics company, either permanently or for an agreed amount of time.

Space tends to be one of the biggest issues when scouting for a new warehouse, … Read More

What Is Route Management Software?

The forward supply chain is at the heart of all logistics and in recent years retail business owners have been pushing for more efficient route management softwaretransportation and distribution of goods in order to dramatically reduce costs and optimise delivery times.

Logistics companies have had to adapt to an environment where demand for next day and even same day delivery has become the standard for all; customer’s expect their goods on the day and in some cases, even at the specific time that they have been allocated.

With the introduction of more and more advanced route management software, logistics companies and retail … Read More

What Is 3rd Party Logistics?

3PL or Third Party Logistics explained

If you’re a retail owner looking to expand your business, then you’ve no doubt heard of third party logistics. But what exactly is third party3PL logistics, and can it really help your business to evolve and grow?

Logistics is the general term given to the organisation and subsequent moving of goods from point A to B.

Third party logistics, often written in shorthand as 3PL or TPL, usually refers to a company that manages a client’s forward supply chain, either a single part of it or the whole procedure from beginning to end. … Read More

A Sustainable Supply Chain

Eco Friendly Logistics

Logistics in the distribution industry involve a wide range of complex procedures, from planning, implementing and controlling the eco logisticstransportation of materials and goods, to organising bulk storage and maintaining a structured system for businesses of all sizes.

Over the past few decades all focus has been on streamlining the process in order to reduce unnecessary expenditures and drive profits up for businesses, which has in turn pushed environmental concerns into the background.

The increased use of the planet’s rapidly depleting natural resources is pushing fuel prices higher and higher, so it really is in everyone’s best interests … Read More

Logistics Costs – Why Outsource Your Warehousing?

How to estimate the real cost – or savings- of outsourced warehousing

More small to medium sized enterprises are switching to outsourced warehousing and fulfillment providers every year, but how can you tell if logistics for businessit is worth making the switch? Like any business decision, you make a case for a change by comparing costs and benefits.

The difficulty comes when smaller businesses fail to include many hidden costs of doing their own warehousing and fulfillment, or fail to consider some of the services now offered by service providers. Some of the key factors follow, but you know that every business … Read More

Why Graduates Should Consider Careers In Logistics

Logistics is a global industryLogistics

In one sentence, it involves moving goods from point A to point B. But dig a little deeper into the heart of the industry and you’ll discover that it is a much more complex forward supply system involving thousands of people all over the world.

To succeed in the logistics industry, you will need a highly analytical mind as well as excellent problem solving and organisational skills. So if you are reading this and thinking ‘that sounds like me’ then logistics just might be the career you’ve been waiting for.

“But I have a degree Read More

What Does Logistics Actually Involve?

Logistics and your business

Logistics is a term widely used to describe the sourcing, handling, packaging, transporting and distributing of goods or materials from the logistics for businesspoint of origin to the end user. It is a complex process that involves many people working together in order to achieve the right results.

With today’s busy consumer lifestyle, most people might think that logistics only covers the supply and distribution of material goods – gifts or items bought online, large household white goods picked from a catalogue, etc. But logistics covers more than you might think. It is also how urgent food, water … Read More

How has 2013 treated Third Party Logistics providers?

Third Part Logistics Study

In short, surprisingly well. According to the 2300 or so respondents analysed in the 2013 17th Annual Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Study, 3plsmore than 65% of 3PL service providers saw increased use of their services. The economy is still tight, but that seems to favour 3PL companies and the companies who use their services. Just as they predicted, they can generally offer equal or better service than in house logistics departments, with lower costs, especially for smaller scale clients. As more and more small participants claim market share for themselves, 3PL providers are more in demand than Read More

Reverse Logistics – A Brief Guide For Start Up Businesses

What happens when a product doesn’t meet the expectations of an end user? Usually, that product is returned to the store or posted back reverse logistics to the online retailer – and that’s all as far as the customer is concerned. Most customers, as long as they feel that they have been adequately compensated either with a refund or replacement, will be happy.

Returns and the impact on your business

But what does the simple act of a return mean for you as a start up business? A good returns policy tends to equal a better relationship between you and your customers … Read More

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