Northern Ireland Brexit – Issues affecting Warehousing and Logistics

Brexit and its effects upon Ireland were not entirely evident when the UK population voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016. There are many repercussions for the warehousing and logistics sector.

We all know that in Ireland there’s a land border between the UK, in the guise of Northern Ireland and the country Eire, otherwise known as the Republic of Ireland. In the past, the need for customs and security checks meant that the border was a physical as well as legal and political manifestation. Nowadays, it isn’t a barrier in any practical sense. People can Read More

Whichwarehouse can satisfy online retailers demand for more warehouse space

The Daily Telegraph reports that one in every five pounds spent in UK shops is now online.

New data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows online sales rose by 15.3 per cent over the past year and now make up a record high of 18.2 per cent of all retail sales. This is up from 2013 when one pound in every ten was spent online. Katie Morley, the Consumer Affairs Editor emphasises that:

“In particular shoppers are avoiding ‘dusty old department stores’ and shopping on their computers and phones instead, experts said, as they saw online sales rise Read More

How will AI transform the Smart Warehouse?

Have you seen HAL 9000 in the iconic film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, Sonny in Isaac Asimov’s ‘I Robot’, David in ‘Prometheus’, or ARTI (artificial intelligence system) in the recent film ‘2036 Origin Unknown’?

These films challenge credibility, are fabulous, thrilling and exciting. It is reassuring that these AI robots are works of fiction. Will they remain make-believe, or is this robotic artificial intelligence fantasy becoming a reality, now that we are in the 21st Century?

You will probably watch some of these films on your Smart TV, but will AI (Artificial Intelligence) facilitate Smart warehousing?

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Whichwarehouse say…Keep it Fresh with New Distribution Hubs

Whichwarehouse is aware that in a marketplace that is increasingly globalised and interconnected, the way fresh fruit and vegetables are carried from origin to destination is changing. The expansion of online distribution integrating New Distribution Hubs (temperature controlled warehouses), is at the heart of this food ecommerce innovation.

The supply chain itself is in a continual state of flux, shaped and re-shaped by the emergence of new markets and shifting patterns of consumer demand. Distributors are rising to these challenges and aided by technological advances are improving their efficiency.

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Convenience, sustainability and click & collect – how warehousing is becoming dark stores

As last mile delivery becomes the focus for all retailers, the increasing tendency for warehouse space to be used as dark stores is impacting the warehousing and logistics industries in three main ways:

  1. adapting warehouse space for dark stores doesn’t just create warehouse innovation, it changes the dynamic of warehouse space, making less space available for warehouse rental
  2. warehouse retailing changes the transport patterns around the dark store, often bringing in customers for click and collect
  3. relocating pick and pack services to grocery warehouses reduces staffing at out of town supermarkets and increases it at the dark store, so ancillary
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How cutting costs can improve your order fulfillment success

Every business focuses on various areas of improvement such as cost cutting and customer service, but for order fulfillment organisations these two areas in particular, can be linked to drive greater benefits.

The easy wins to better order fulfillment

The freight industry has two major expenses, fuel and depreciation – the condition of vehicles (and plant, for order fulfillment companies) has a direct effect on your profit, so maintenance and preventive action are always cheaper and more effective than major repairs or delayed maintenance that creates greater levels of cost.

Moving freight and delivering orders are both essential, and expensive. Read More

Warehousing goes green – how environmental issues are changing warehousing

Road haulage has long been at the sharp end of environmental awareness, but warehouse and distribution centres are increasingly focusing on improving their environmental performance for three main reasons:

  • Benefits to the bottom line – greener warehouses are often cheaper to run
  • Beating legislation – Unilever has revealed that their ‘green’ brands are performing 42% better than others. Companies that take action ahead of environmental law being enacted end up with better reputations and more customer support
  • Brand harmony – millennial customers dig deeper and expect more from their brands, including clarity on supply chains.

How to green your warehouse

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Ecommerce fulfilment and its challenges to 3PL logistics services

The world of commerce is in turmoil with everything from prescriptions to new cars being ordered online. Wherever there’s an online order, there’s usually a delivery need. It’s a challenge to every part of a business, but where there’s a challenge there’s also a chance to beat the opposition, and this guide will help you chart your path through the ecommerce fulfilment jungle.

Click and collect statistics

There was a happy dream a few years ago that we’d all collect our online orders from lockers in convenient locations – shops, local libraries, even the gym…so what happened? Well while 74% Read More

5 Ways to improve warehouse productivity

Warehouse productivity depends on a number of elements – not the least of which is the human factor.

Falls, workplace injuries and accidents account for a large percentage of lost productivity in UK warehousing and logistics and addressing this situation can resolve a large problem for small firms in particular. But how can the average business optimise productivity without incurring cost?

  1. Optimise productivity through tracking

We’re always told to ‘measure what matters’ but for warehouse productivity, the slogan should really be, ‘what goes unmeasured remains unproductive’. The beginning of effective tracking is to establish what you’re actually measuring:

  • What are
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How to get the most from your 3PL partnership

Supply chains are an increasingly important part of any business strategy. As the world changes, they are also becoming more complex: transnational regulations, language and currency variations, blockchain issues, the creation and maintenance of local supplier relationships all factor into the decisions that need to be made.

Moving to a third party logistics provider is one way that many organisations resolve their difficulties with the supply chain, but 3PL is not a hands-off experience – working in partnership not only allows you to get the best from this relationship but can also give you the opportunity to plan for the Read More

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