Procurement outsourcing & how it can benefit your business

Procurement outsourcing – is it worth considering?

Procurement outsourcingYour company may be looking toprocurement for business reduce its overheads or perhaps now is the time that you want to give more attention to the core aptitudes of your business.  This is known as “procurement outsourcing”.  By recruiting the help of a procurement team this permits organisations to focus on other aspects of their commerce and thus benefiting from skilled & knowledgeable specialists.  Outsourcing to such a group of individuals averts the necessity of you having to generate a resource team in-house therefore saving you vital funds long term.

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Black Friday is approaching!

Black Friday is coming soon – how prepared are you?

The date has been marked on calendars, many of which were Black Friday is approachingbought on Black Friday, since the beginning of 2014. With the biggest shopping day of the year finally in sight customers and retailers alike are counting down the days until the rush begins. With the concept of Black Thursday being all but completely rejected, moving Thanksgiving didn’t go down too well; Black Friday still remains a phenomenal experience that is growing more popular as the years go by.

So when is Black Friday?

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The Procedures for Companies Importing to the UK

Are you thinking about importing goods into the UK?

Before you start importing goods into the UK, you will need to importing your goodsconsider your warehousing and logistics options. We assist many customers with logistics solutions for their goods, whether that be wet bonded goods, chilled or ambient, we can source suitable logistics partners for you via our network.

Overseas imports are treated differently depending on whether the goods come from an EU country or from elsewhere around the globe. Most goods within the EU can be imported with minimal customs control and for a great part with no import duty Read More

Outsourcing your logistics and the importance of customer care

Outsourcing your third party logistics

“I don’t want to be just a faceless number” is a phrase I hear only too find a logistics companyfrequently from business owners who contact Whichwarehouse with regard to their search for a Third Party Logistics provider to outsource their supply chain requirements to. Many are afraid that they will get lost in the system of a large company that handles the logistics for multiple clients. Perhaps the enquirer is a start-up enterprise and are yet to ascertain the variety of clientele which would substantiate large quantities of their products demanding storage & fulfilment. Or possibly, up … Read More

Moving Parts: the vehicles that move your goods from A to B

Distribution of your goods

The entire process of transporting goods is something that has a greatfreight distribution deal of components: warehousing, loading, distribution… the list goes on. But there is one particular element that is arguably more important than any other, and it’s here that we focus on in today’s post.

Transporting stock requires careful planning and strict time management, and it’s easy to see why: with so many variables that could go wrong, everything has to be spot on. That’s why the vehicles used to transport the stock are such an integral part of the process, and why so Read More

Bending over backwards: How flexibility is more important than ever in logistics

Are your logistics processes flexible enough?

To be successful in logistics, a number of criteria must be met. First, a flexibility in logisticsstrong sense of trust must exist between broker and client. Second, it’s an absolute must that all those involved in the process are both professional and readily contactable. And perhaps more important than any other, the entire process must be flexible in its approach in order to succeed.

There are, of course, others, but flexibility is perhaps the most important point to focus on for now. This is due to an ever-changing logistical landscape in which consumers and customers alike Read More

The Oscars of the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry

Global Freight Awards 2014global freight awards

As we move into October, we get closer to the 19th November, the date of the event that the entire logistics industry looks forward to, the glitz & glamour of the “Global Freight Awards” ceremony hosted by a different celebrity each year. This event is an opportunity for the recognition of influential key players, within the industry, who have been proactive in their achievements during the year.

The categories remain the same as preceding years:

Customer Care Award Air Freight Solutions Provider of the Year
Employer of the Year Sea Freight Solutions Provider of the
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Most fulfilment warehouses need either a WCS or a WMS, but which is right for you?

WMS and WCS in a fulfilment warehouse

As fulfilment technology warehouses evolve, so do their control and management systems. Individual merchants must decide between fufilment warehouses and WMSimplementing warehouse control systems (WCSs), warehouse management systems (WMSs) or trying to combine the two.

Warehouse Management Systems and Fulfilment Warehouses

Modern Warehouse Management Systems date back to the 1980s, and were brought in to store, update and interrelate large order and inventory databases, and add oversight to many non-automated functions, especially in fulfilment warehouses. These systems give managers access to up to the minute data on employee workloads and order processing metrics.

The WMS … Read More

How pick to light systems work to speed up the pick and pack process

Pick and Pack Technology – Pick to Light System

Today’s warehouses are complicated and fast moving environments, and more and more are turning to technology to help increase efficiency order picking with pick to light systemand profitability in these uncertain economic times. The pick and pack process is one of the areas most amenable to technological improvement, as it depends on human operators to move throughout the warehouse retrieving and assembling orders.

Accuracy and speed are the primary goals of any pick and pack operation, and any improvement there is likely to improve throughput for the whole facility. Many ways of automating this process have come … Read More

Reasons to use a logistics finding service like Whichwarehouse

Thinking of outsourcing your logistics?

Have you ever sat and thought “my business is outgrowing me?” or “I think I’ll look into outsourcing?”logistics brokers

Perhaps now should be the time that you seek advice regarding your options.

That’s where a company like Whichwarehouse could assist. We are a logistics finding service who strives to find 3PL and storage solutions for any size businesses whether they are a start-up e-commerce company, or an established business looking for expansion. Perhaps you started off small carrying out the pick & pack in your garage or garden workshop and now your business has taken off … Read More

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