Do you need urgent overspill warehousing this Xmas for your stock?

Have you underestimated the amount of stock you have ordered for your business this Xmas?


Okay, so you have a check list, you have ordered extra stock in time for the Christmas rush and finally it's here! As the overspill storage at Xmasdelivery driver starts unloading the pallets of goods it suddenly dawns on you that you do not have enough space to accommodate the vast amount of pallets being wheeled in by the delivery driver.


Logistics companies are used to receiving desperate calls at this time of year from businesses looking for some emergency overspill storage solutions for their stock. You would be surprised at how many businesses find themselves in this situation. A number of calls are also from companies looking for someone to take over the pick and pack of their goods, thinking they can initially handle the pick and pack and delivery of the goods to their customers only to realise as the orders start flying in that the pressure is all getting too much.


Who better to outsource your logistics work to than warehousing professionals!


Warehousing companies in the UK are used to increased pressure, deadlines and increased orders at this time of year and have measures in place to handle this effectively and efficiently. Many take on a large number of extra staff during this period to assist with the orders received and ensure deadlines are met and ultimately customers are happy.


Another side of the business which tends to be busy this time of year is rework of items and returns. I am sure we have all purchased something online thinking that it is exactly the right gift for a loved one, however when it arrives it's either smaller than you anticipated, larger or even nothing like you imagined. Then there is the mad rush to send it back and exchange it for something else in a short space of time before the final posting deadline. Logistics companies have experienced staff who work in this area all the time and are used to the attention to detail and neccesary speed which is needed to keep things running smoothly under pressure. 


Whatever your logistics requirement, if you are struggling to keep up with the orders you are receiving or in need of some extra space for your goods this Christmas, then contact Whichwarehouse on 0800 1707 555. We have experience of finding clients the perfect solution at competetive prices and more importantly, we find it for you quickly as we know it's vital that you have this side of your business organised asap to enable you to concentrate on the sales and leave your storage and handling worries to someone else.


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