What Is Route Management Software?

The forward supply chain is at the heart of all logistics and in recent years retail business owners have been pushing for more efficient route management softwaretransportation and distribution of goods in order to dramatically reduce costs and optimise delivery times.

Logistics companies have had to adapt to an environment where demand for next day and even same day delivery has become the standard for all; customer’s expect their goods on the day and in some cases, even at the specific time that they have been allocated.

With the introduction of more and more advanced route management software, logistics companies and retail business owners have been able to optimise their overland deliveries and maximise efficiency.

So how does route management software help your logistics company?

The aim of route management software is fairly self explanatory: it is intelligent software that helps to map out routes based on a set of criteria. It can plan the best overland routes to customers’ homes or business addresses, and can completely eliminate time spent meticulously planning routes by hand, as well as lowering labour and fuel costs.

The planning and implementation of transporting goods over large areas can be a very complex business. A route management system can help adapt your delivery routes on a day to day basis, which is important because they can change on any given day.

This is true even if your deliveries follow a regular pattern, as there are likely to be alterations in the volume of goods, additional customers en route and legal restrictions on the working times of drivers.

As well as increasing overall productivity and reducing financial costs and fuel emissions, a route management system can even benefit smaller start up businesses by increasing their sales territories and thus encourage company growth.

With a route management system in place, you can effectively track customer orders in real time giving you and your customers up to date information and peace of mind. This can also help to maintain on time deliveries, which is particularly important where time slots of one or two hours have been arranged for picking up or dropping off packages.





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