Re-Purposing of Retail Premises for Warehouses

In the USA empty retail stores and shopping centers are increasingly being converted into warehouse and e-commerce distribution centres.

So, states the global industrial real estate firm CBRE, which examined in detail two dozen such projects ranging from southern California to Baltimore. Such is the rise in demand for ecommerce warehousing.

The report covers 24 retail-to-industrial projects that have commenced since 2016, turning 7.9 million square feet of retail space into 10.9 million square feet of new industrial space, either by converting the existing retail structure or replacing it with new industrial construction on-site.

CBRE found a surprisingly wide variety of retail-to-warehouse conversions. The projects include the total demolition of obsolete malls to be rebuilt as warehouses in Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and several markets in Ohio (David Sparkman, Material Handling and Logistics, 4th February 2019).

It is a trend being replicated in the United Kingdom, driven by Brexit and market forces. In the UK, Rhiannon Curry of the Telegraph stresses that urban logistics space is in such short supply that developers could turn retail parks into warehouses, as residential schemes gobble up other available sites. Changing consumer habits and the growth of online retailing has driven huge demand for warehouse space in urban areas in the last few years.

A report from Deutsche Bank said such is the demand for land that traditional industrial parks and retail parks could be re-purposed for warehouses for online giants such as Amazon and delivery companies such as DHL which take parcels to customers.

These online shops and third-party logistics companies are:

 “ … vying for urban logistics space in an environment where industrial land is being lost to residential use,” the report said. Land has become too expensive for many logistics schemes because of the demand for sites for new homes.

Matthias Naumann, head of alternatives strategy at Deutsche Bank, said:

“Residential development is a strong competitor to logistics, and over the last 10 or 15 years the total amount of industrial land has been in decline.”

He said that demand for, ‘last hour’ logistics sites were likely to grow, especially in more regional centres such as Bolton and Warrington, as people demand faster delivery times for their goods. In an example of this earlier this year, Tritax acquired a decommissioned power station in Dartford and plans to turn it into a distribution centre to serve London.

Turning retail parks into warehouses could have the added benefit of taking space from high street brands such as furniture shops which are looking to reduce their store sizes.

“Under-utilised retail assets such as certain shopping centres, retail parks, business parks, supermarket premises, inner city office space and car parks could potentially be used for the storage and distribution of goods to proximate companies particularly as industrial space within city limits becomes increasingly constrained,” Deutsche’s report added.

Investors who might want to have industrial properties on their books could also, “purchase with the intent to convert”, the report suggested, as the sector increasingly becomes a target for institutional money.

Savills said that the trend would only accelerate as sales from events such as Black Friday, which is traditionally focused on bricks-and-mortar shops, increasingly shifted online.

Naimartens of Martens Companies (23rd October, 2018) explained that warehouse space is shrinking into smaller shallow bay buildings to accommodate in-city deliveries and distribution. Could some of these stores help fulfil the last mile and warehousing issues online retailers are experiencing? i.e larger Toys R Us premises. When Toys R Us went into liquidation in the U.S. a similar thing happened.

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