The Importance Of Women In Logistics

Logistics is an industry that is growing faster than ever and a career in this field can be financially rewarding, as well women in logisticsas providing excellent opportunities further down the road.

However there is an overall gender divide as it’s still seen as a predominantly male environment, and women may be put off trying to get their foot in the door of this lucrative industry because of that very reason.

Lack of flexibility and travelling away from home for long periods of time are some of the reasons why the logistics industry can seem like such a daunting prospect to women, particularly those with small children. But there is so much scope in the types of careers available under the umbrella of logistics, that it is becoming easier for women to embrace it.

Both men and women tend to have different skill sets that, when used to support one another, can create a solid logistics solution. Women tend to be able to multi-task better, are excellent at creating or reorganising filing systems to ensure maximum efficiency and are great communicators, building business relationships and contacts that are vital in such an expansive industry.

So what types of positions are available for women in logistics?

There are a number of different roles women can participate in in logistics, from the more hands on approach inside a warehouse and distribution centre, to a managerial position with a top-tier logistics company, and all of them are looking for more women to bring their individual skill sets to the table and strengthen diversity within the company.

Women who may still be unsure about joining logistics can find help and advice from other women who have been in the industry for years.

There are a number of organisations that specialise in supporting women within the logistics industry, through support and mentoring groups, networking events and even award ceremonies that mark the achievements of women who have become role-models within the industry.

With so many possible career paths for women interested in joining the logistics trade, there is no reasons not to get involved and become part of one of the biggest global industries out there.



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