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The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Artificial intelligence (AI) as:

“… the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. The term is frequently applied to the project of developing systems endowed with the intellectual processes characteristic of humans, such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from past experience.”

Many people are concerned that AI is becoming too advanced and dominant in the economies of the world. The worry is that AI will become the dominant form of intelligence on Earth, with computers or robots effectively taking control of the planet away from the human species. Possible scenarios include replacement of the entire human workforce, takeover by a super-intelligent AI, and the bizarre thought of a robot uprising. Some public figures, such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have advocated research into precautionary measures to ensure future super-intelligent machines remain under human control.

At the forefront of AI are these intelligent systems, as applied to ecommerce fulfillment, warehousing and logistics. Multiple operations in the warehousing and logistics industry are expected to become fully automated by 2030.

Amazon is the market leader and one of the world’s ‘Big Four’ technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. It is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform, as measured by revenue and market capitalisation. An Amazon fulfillment centre is probably the best in ecommerce fulfillment, anywhere on this planet.

Amazon Warehouse

To maintain their dominance in this sector, Amazon.com acquired Kiva Systems for $775 million, in March 2012. At the time, this was Amazon’s second-largest acquisition in its history. Industry observers speculate that Amazon is focusing on internal operations and is not interested in sharing the technology with competitors. In August 2015, the company officially changed its name from Kiva Systems LLC to Amazon Robotics LLC.

Amazon explains:

“Amazon Robotics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com, empowers a smarter, faster, more consistent customer experience through automation. Amazon Robotics automates fulfilment center operations using various methods of robotic technology including autonomous mobile robots, sophisticated control software, language perception, power management, computer vision, depth sensing, machine learning, object recognition, and semantic understanding of commands.”

Do you want to see this robot technology for yourself? Why not visit and tour an Amazon fulfillment centre, near you?

To book your place it’s simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Go online and type … www.aboutamazon.co.uk … in your browser.
  2. Click … ‘Tour an Amazon Fulfilment Centre’.
  3. Select the Amazon fulfillment centre you would like to visit; choose from the following locations:

Coventry (BHX4), Doncaster (LBA2), Dunfermline (EDI4), Dunstable (LTN4), Manchester, England (MAN1), Peterborough (EUK5), Rugeley (BHX1), Tilbury (LCY2)

  1. Select the number of people in your group
  2. Select the Date and Time of your visit
  3. Complete your (and your group members) contact details … name, DOB, email address
  4. Finally, click to book.

It is as simple as that.

You may not have the financial resources of the industry giant Amazon, but it is simple to solve your warehousing and logistics needs. Contact Whichwarehouse, your first port of call for Logistics.

We specialise in sourcing warehouse space and logistics services within the UK and Ireland.  Contact us for any requirements relating to storage, fulfilment and distribution.  We even have access to industrial properties that are available for rent (short and long term) as well as office space on-site (at some locations) so you can be close to your products but still being able to concentrate on other aspects of your business such as sales, marketing and procurement.

Whichwarehouse was originally set up to provide an online advertising directory for warehouse operators/warehouse owners/landlords etc. to advertise their properties on an industry-specific portal.  We realised that there was a niche in the market whereby we could match manufacturers and suppliers requiring storage and distribution solutions to those warehouse owners/3PL providers who had the available space and value-added services required.  Thus, our matching service was integrated into our advertising package, this having proved to be very successful.

The Whichwarehouse directory has an established network of experienced and professional third party logistics and warehouse providers covering locations throughout the UK and Ireland.  We can assist with your logistics requests for anything from self-storage to pallet or bulk storage through to a complete supply chain solution for your products, even delivering to the end-user.  The facilities included in our network provide storage and distribution services for general and bulk goods, hazardous and pharmaceutical products, items subject to Duty and VAT deferment as well as general self-storage units.

Our members can offer a complete commercial storage and logistics solution including distribution and forwarding, RH&D, order picking, stock control, re-working and re-kitting, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and PDI (Pre-delivery inspection).  Some have available outside space for vehicle parking or external storage requirements and many warehouses have dock levellers, temperature control facilities, operate forklifts and most warehouse facilities are fully secure with CCTV and alarm systems.

If you need to find storage space or a 3PL provider please click on the FIND SPACE button on our welcome page and use the map to search for current available solutions or for assistance in any way, please contact us on 0800 1707555.

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