ERP and what it means for you

Imagine: Improved productivity, seamless integration, reduced overheads, and departments communicating with one enterprise resource planninganother concisely.  Enterprise Resource Planning can track the resources, production capabilities and compare that with the demands on the business from its clients and staff. It doesn’t matter where in the building – or country the information has been entered, or by whom.

Sounds great! But… it sounds expensive.

No business can afford to buy all the software support it needs right at the start.  E.R.P is a cunning way of approaching resource planning for your business. Whether you are a sole trader, social enterprise or a larger company, you want your business to grow. As more clients come your way it will need that extra bit more IT support and infrastructure, and probably sooner rather than later. 

Because Enterprise Resource Planning is acquired in modules for the areas you need, it is a cost effective way of tailoring your IT requirements to your unique business need without the cost of building a bespoke system, or the need for an IT department to support it.  ERP is the way to create that integrated system step by step as you need it. Like building blocks, it will expand as the business does. Each addition will connect to the other parts already in use with the minimum amount of disruptions to the day to day trade.

Global Warehouse Storage Fulfillment Services have recently implemented this system in their warehouse. The back office admin will work with the new warehousing package seamlessly. Accounting can input data that can be accessed via a Database Management System in the Purchasing Department. E.R.P effectively allows their entire staff to process their requirements without waiting for paperwork to be passed from department to department, or pile up in someone’s mailbox.

Just about the only thing Enterprise Resource Planning won’t do is shake your client’s hand at the reception desk.

To find out more about logistics companies with this software in place, contact a member of the Whichwarehouse team today on 0800 1707 555.

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