Cold Storage Facilities in the UK

Where have all the Cold Storage units gone?

Over the past few months i have noticed an increase in chilled and frozen enquiries in and around London. I have also been contacted by a few agents who have recently been instructed to sell a chilled facility or a cold Store, again in and around London.chilled warehousing, cold storage in the UK

Does this mean that many of the cold stores and chilled warehousing in the South have closed down? Is this due to the cost of running these facilities in comparison to the amount of revenue that can be earned?

Whichwarehouse work with warehousing companies of all sorts throughout the whole UK and are looking for more warehousing companies to join us, especially frozen warehousing companies in the South East.

For those of you in search of a chilled warehousing company or frozen warehousing company for your foodstuff in surrounding London, some companies you may like to take  a look at are Pulleyn Transport limited based in Reading. Close proximity to Heathrow, Pulleyns offer both chilled and Frozen chambers for your commercial goods and also ambient storage. Therefore if you are thinking about storing perhaps your packaging, which require ambient storage and your foodstuff which may require chilled or frozen, then Pulleyns can keep everything under one roof for you, making the warehousing process less stressful.

Another great company you may like to consider who again can offer chilled, frozen and ambient is Medspan European Ltd. This company are based in Milton Keynes therefore are perfect for those looking for storage near London with deliveries in the North of London.

Chilled Warehousing

If it is chilled or ambient goods you have and you require the warehousing in Kent, East of London, then Gibbs & Ball should be your first point of contact. An excellent company who offer a personalised service, small enough to care bucold/chilled storaget big enough to handle your warehousing needs with professionlism and high standards. They have two sites, one based in Belvedere and one based in Dartford.

Click here for a list of some of the cold stores and chilled warehousing companies in the area however for a more comprehensive list call us on 0800 1707 555.

I would be interested to hear the comments of others and find some more cold stores or chilled warehousing companies throughout the whole of the UK for our waiting clients . If you have a warehouse with these facilites, contact a member of the Whichwarehouse team on the number above for information on how we can help to market your warehouses.

We have also noticed an increase in clients looking to lease a cold/chilled warehousing space. Whatever your requirement, I am confident we can help.

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