Chilled Storage in the UK

Do you have FMCG & perishable goods that need chilled warehousing?


 If so, there are specific warehouses that can accommodate these types of goods.

Chilled warehousing facilities will be able to state the temperatures which they are able to store goods at for you to consider when looking for chilled storage. These storage facilities will usually range from 0 to 5 °C, although, for reasons of safety or quality, chilled foods are designed to be stored at or below 8ºC, targeting 5ºC throughout their entire life.

The types of goods requiring chilled storage range from fresh fruit and veg to cheese and butter to name but a few. Some products however may require deep chilled warehousing. Deep chilled warehousing units are a lot harder to find as the temperatures are usually set for the majority of the products they store. As deep chilled will be more specialised, you will need to be flexible on the area the warehouse can be located.

chilled storageMany chilled warehouses can also assist with the distribution of your products with either their own fleet of chilled vehicles or as part of a pallet network.
It is worth noting that cold store warehouses are very rarely available for rent but are generally fully operated 3PL facilities which are run by the warehouse owners staff.  They are therefore unable to allow you access to the facility to carry out your own picking or packing requirements.  If you want your own cold store facility you will need to check for any available properties which would allow you to convert into a cold store (at your own expense).

Chilled Storage in the UK

Other warehousing services operators with chilled storage facilities may be able to assist with are pick and pack and order fulfilment services.

Whichwarehouse has a number of warehouse companies that can assist with chilled warehousing throughout the UK.  Contact us today to establish current availability within our network.

If you would like help searching for a chilled storage facility to store and manage your commercial goods then please call a member of the Whichwarehouse team on 0800 1707 555. Once we take some details to find out how many pallets you have and what you require we can search amongst our members and obtain some non obligation quotes for you to compare and see if they are of interest.


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