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Locating warehousing and storage warehouse space West Midlandsspace is not something most of us do every day, but there are professionals who make it their business to do exactly that. When it comes to sourcing local warehousing, Midlands based companies go to the experts at Whichwarehouse to find warehousing and storage facilities for short term, long term and temporary seasonal overspill requirements. Our services could be described as a sort of logistical dating service, bringing together manufacturers and warehouse operators to create the perfect match. Working with warehouses in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Northampton and the surrounding area to advertise and arrange storage space for local companies with speed and efficiency. With a national network of over 60 million square feet of warehousing in 200 locations across the country, Whichwarehouse is most definitely the Cilla Black of storage logistics, responsible for pairing a vast number of warehouses in the Midlands with businesses throughout the entire region.

With such a large area covered by the umbrella term, ‘the Midlands’, there is an enormous variety of business types and industries with storage space requirements, but thankfully Whichwarehouse has every base covered. Whether the requirements are for chilled storage space in Derby for a processed food manufacturer, or archive storage in Birmingham for a large corporate entity, the network of storage facilities available can easily accommodate every need.

West Midlands warehousing and storage space is available in Coventry, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton and many of the surrounding towns and cities. Warehouse operators advertise and converse directly with clients via the Whichwarehouse system, creating a convenient channel of communication. Advertisers display details about their storage facilities including photographs, company logos and contact details on their own individual page on the Whichwarehouse website. There is also a vast online database in which to search for businesses in the target area, presenting a prime marketing opportunity.

Whichwarehouse began as a simple concept in 2002, and now approaching its fourteenth year it has amassed a staggering degree of strength in depth within the warehousing and storage industry. For businesses throughout the Midlands, storage space should never be a problem to find with such an unparalleled level of resource available. Everything from bulk goods and hazardous materials to cold and heated storage and archiving can be arranged in one simple online location. Whether finding space or filling space the entire logistical process, from picking and packing to loading and security, is fulfilled by Whichwarehouse.

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Other areas Whichwarehouse cover within the Midlands include –

Nuneaton, Coleshill, Leamington Spa, Corby, Derby, Kettering, Newark, Crick, Wellingborough, Daventry, West Hallam, Sutton in Ashfield, Leicester.

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