Transparency in third party logistics

Most businesses would prefer to manage their own logistics if they could afford to. They like having the first-hand 3plsknowledge of day to day operations and the feeling of control doing it yourself brings. Third party logistics providers exist because they can usually do it all for a lot less money than it costs to manage in house. The perceived lack of control is the price businesses have to pay for efficiency.

However, there is a growing movement towards vastly increased transparency among 3PLs, which offers clients the same efficiency with a greater sense of oversight and control. When given a choice, clients are choosing them.

How can transparency in logistics assist your business?

Transparent processes – telepresence is one example of technology making it possible to observe and approve (or deny) a 3PL’s work as it is being done. A tablet with a camera can be the next best thing to being there.

Transparent performance – real time reporting of agreed key metrics is relatively easy to accomplish, and paired with a well-designed dashboard app can help clients check performance as it happens.

Transparent operations – some 3PLs are offering daily meetings with clients, often remotely, to review performance and get feedback. This helps the client feel that it is still ‘their’ process.

Transparent systems – just about any modern system should be able to communicate with a client’s systems. Order statuses, inventory, productivity and quality metrics should all be accessible in real time without human assistance or batching into a report. 3PL clients want to feel like their logistics provider in an extension of their office whether they are your smallest client or your largest.

Providing real transparency requires two way communication. No matter how frequently or accurately you report to a client, they need to see and feel that they can influence your processes and your performance in order to feel like their logistics is really accessible.

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