Fulfilment Services & Pick and Pack Solutions in Newcastle

Warehouse Details - Ref: W203992


Contact: Derek Finney

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.3plwow.com

Warehouse Location:

Unit A Wesley Drive
Benton Square Industrial Estate
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE12 9UP


30,000 sq. ft.

Eaves Height:




Warehouse Facilities

Bulk - liquids
Bulk - powder
Bulk - other
High value
Open storage
Paper reels
Self storage
Self contained units
Fenced yard area
Secure area
24/7 surveillance
Container handling
Contract packing
Distribution - Nationwide
Dock levellers
Loading bays
Order picking
Order processing
Pick & pack
Shrink wrapping
Stock management
Trailer parking
Contract manufacturing
Space/units to rent
Ecommerce fulfilment
Marketing/Exhibition logistics
ISO 9001
Distribution - Internationally

Additional Information

3PLWOW LTD offers a range of warehouse and order fulfilment services designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.
With strategically located facilities, our company provides easy access to prime locations, ensuring efficient distribution and supply chain operations.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident through the implementation of advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and automation solutions.
These innovations enable us to optimize processes and enhance order accuracy.

Scalability is a key feature of our services, offering flexible storage solutions to accommodate your evolving inventory requirements.
Whether you need ambient or temperature-controlled storage, our facilities are equipped to meet the demands of sensitive goods.

Security is a top priority at 3PLWOW LTD, with 24/7 surveillance and access controls in place to safeguard your inventory.
Our commitment to compliance is evident through our certifications for quality and safety.

We understand that each industry has unique needs, which is why we provide custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
From kitting and labelling to specialized handling of hazardous, oversized, and fragile items, our expertise ensures your goods are in safe hands.

Real-time inventory management and tracking capabilities allow for efficient order fulfillment and forecasting, while value-added services such as custom packaging enhance brand presentation and product protection.

At 3PLWOW LTD, we are dedicated to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

For e-commerce businesses, our specialised e-commerce fulfilment services streamline online order processing, and regular quality checks guarantee high product standards.
Robust cybersecurity measures protect sensitive information, and seamless communication with suppliers and customers is facilitated through EDI integration.

In the event of unexpected disruptions, our disaster recovery plans ensure business continuity.
Additionally, our user-friendly client portal provides convenient order management, tracking, and real-time analytics to support informed decision-making.

With a global reach and a focus on cost efficiency, 3PLWOW LTD is your trusted partner for comprehensive 3PL, pick and pack, and order fulfilment services.

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