Storage and fulfilment Swansea

Warehouse Details - Ref: W203070

Tel: 0800 1707 555
Email: [email protected]

Warehouse Location:

Ffordd Amazon


100,000 sq. ft.

Eaves Height:




Warehouse Facilities

Bulk - other
High value
Open storage
Paper reels
Fenced yard area
Secure area
24/7 surveillance
Container handling
Distribution - Nationwide
Dock levellers
Export packing
Loading bays
Order picking
Order processing
Pick & pack
Shrink wrapping
Stock management
Trailer parking
Courier services
Ecommerce fulfilment

Additional Information

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Warehousing and Storage: storage and care of customers products is one of our core competencies, operating on a secure site with excellent stock control systems and staff, we offer a 24hr operational system were customer satisfaction is vital to the needs of many of our clients, we can accommodate most types of products. Each product we store is assessed to ensure that it will not contaminate other goods in stock.
Internet Fulfillment. Our systems integrate with a number of other packages enabling simple data transfer of order files (inbound) and invoice files (outbound). We work with a wide range of couriers and the Royal Mail to ensure that your goods get to your customer in a timely and cost effective way.
Packing, Labeling and Inspection. We have a large packing, inspection and labeling area which can be used for a wide variety of purposes including making up shop floor displays, overlaboring of goods and inspecting inbound products to ensure that they conform with what was expected.
Container Handling. We regularly handle a wide range of inbound containers, unloading and palletising the contents for storage or onward transportation. If required we can perform a wide range of inbound inspections to check for conformity. Urgent turn around cross docking is a must for a variety of customers.

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