Jonathan says: As a small business with no idea where to start in sourcing an outsourced warehouse, whichwarehouse presented me with a pre-screened list of suitable businesses from which I made further enquiries. It saved me enormous amounts of time, and allowed me to benchmark and negotiate relative opportunities, ending up with a great solution.

Malaika Meals wrote:Phil was really helpful and knowledgeable, we are working with small volumes and he was able to direct us to a suitable warehouse!

 Michael says swift response to my enquiries and professional, quality advice received allowing me to advance with an urgent proposal

Karim wrote:
I am amazed of the courteous attitude and professionalism that I have experienced with this company.
They listened to my requirements and gave me many warehousing options but the most important thing was their professional advise in choosing a long term warehouse to fit my needs.
They offered several rates but with their help I picked a med priced warehouse that was tailored to what I needed.
I would differently recommend working with these guys anytime.

Terry wrote:At LG Fulfilment, we owe much of our business to the help received from Whichwarehouse.
They  are very good at making that link between potential customers and potential suppliers.
As a direct result of their links we are now expanding our warehousing/pick-pack facilities.

Colby says:Really pleased with the work these guys are doing. Very professional and have the ability to offer a network of bespoke storage all over the U.K.

Gary says: whichwarehouse found the perfect solution for my fermented teas after months of searching independently for chilled space but hitting brick walls in run up to Christmas due to Brexit stockpiling and seasonal stock incoming from Europe seemingly taking up all available space in England. We are now safely installed at a super facility in Derby with a great team and unintended cost savings benefits to boot. Thanks Phil and all at whichwarehouse!

Andrew says:The whichwarehouse team are super helpful, very professional, courteous and knowledgable whenever I have engaged with them over the last year. My company signed up with them in March and we had an immediate enquiry from a new client who had seen our advertisement on the whichwarehouse website for space in the North Midlands. Within two months we had implemented a fabulous pick & pack and distribution contract. We are looking to renew our membership for another year without hesitation and we look forward to receiving the regular opportunities which come our way to assess potential client needs against our capabilities. We will also shortly be expanding our space portfolio on the whichwarehouse website to increase our chances of further success.
Highly recommended!

George wrote "You have been incredibly helpful in this process, we hope to sign with one of your contacts in the near future!"

David W says "First class service. A tricky brief met perfectly and quickly with no issues. Polite, intelligent and very well connected and informed. Thoroughly recommended. Thanks Michelle!" 

“Thanks to Michelle from Whichwarehouse.com, I got many contacts from 3th Party Logistics companies and after found what it seems the right logistic partner for my business. Great assistance, fast answers and clear information were the keys given to me by Michelle to help me in the choice. Thank you.” Antonio Beneforti

Adam C Barnes wrote "I can't remember quite how I found Whichwarehouse, probably Google but I'm glad I did. I was looking for an alternative to the mainstream distribution companies and Michelle found a local independent company that I could help support at a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to working with them when my shipment comes in in a few months".


Sara C says: Whichwarehouse were a huge help for us in finding a suitable warehousing and fulfilment site, they were able to quickly identify and contact suitable warehouses and saved us so much time. I would thoroughly recommend them.

Kaye C (Head of Product Development): Thanks to Sarah at Whichwarehouse, we found a great solution and partner in double quick time.  Her advice, options, and ability to help us shortlist and evaluate solutions was priceless.

Mark A (Director) says: Very pleased with the service, thanks.

Claire C says: Whichwarehouse were extremely helpful and efficient. They took the time to understand our requirements and helped to find a solution in a timely manner.

A perfect 5-star service!! After faffing around for several months trying to find a new fulfilment company, I finally called Whichwarehouse who understood my requirements straight away and found the perfect solution within a few days!

Wish I had just called them up first, which would have saved me so much time. Thank you Sarah at Whichwarehouse.

Adam says: I am really impressed with Whichwarehouse. We had very specific storage needs, but WWH managed to find a warehouse that suited our requirements perfectly, and with a very competitive price. Our business has certainly been optimised and simplified. Thank you.

Rob L says: I can highly recommend using Whichwarehouse to anyone who needs to arrange warehouse storage. Sarah provided an excellent service from the outset, understanding our requirements and promptly providing a set of competitive quotes. She made the process quick and simple plus she saved me a lot of time.

Izabela says: Your service was very useful and helpful for us. Personally, I am delighted with contact with you, quick feedback, very relevant information you have given us. Your assistance was very important for us. Thank you.

Bob S says: I have found working with your company effortless and the support you have provided has allowed our business to move to the next level.

Paul G says: I just wanted to send you a note to say a big thank you for the effort you put into finding a warehouse for my new company. I would have no hesitation in recommending Whichwarehouse.

Joseph D said: Whichwarehouse provided us with the right solution in an expedited fashion. Their process and team was attentive and understanding to our challenges.

Steve W says: Whichwarehouse provided us with a quick resolution to a storage issue within a matter of hours. Their service and professionalism is outstanding and I would happily recommend them to any of our clients.

Gerry M: Thanks to Whichwarehouse for helping us find extra Warehouse space. We had options put to us immediately. We were up and running within a week. Now we can relax knowing our needs are met.

Paul said: Whichwarehouse.com is the perfect solution for busy company directors of any size business who do not have the time to contact numerous logistics providers but want choice and the best deal. Sarah from Whichwarehouse did all the work for me.

Allan says: I can highly recommend the services and would like to thank Sarah for the assistance. Whichwarehouse took our inquiry and delivered a number of options for our warehousing issue within hours after receiving it.

Jon says: Thanks so much for all your help, you have been a pleasure to work with. I wish other people I work with were as efficient as you :)

Richard W said: Many thanks to Whichwarehouse who very quickly sorted out a workshop for me covering all my needs. They were extremely helpful, communication was spot on and I couldn't be happier with their service.

Whichwarehouse were very helpful in helping to source a reputable logistics company who were able assist in my business needs.

I would just like to say a big Thank You to Whichwarehouse for the support over the last 12 months, in helping us grow our business. I have always found Whichwarehouse to be prompt, efficient and easy to work with. Hopefully 2014 is even more fruitful. Verran Freight is a relatively new member to Whichwarehouse and we have been extremely happy with the leads generated for us, the only negative is that we should have joined sooner then we did! The service offered by Whichwarehouse.com is fantastic and having converted a few leads the subscription service has already paid for itself – A No Brainer.

Your help was invaluable. Thanks so much.

Whichwarehouse has been absolutely amazing. Sarah responded to my internet query immediately and I had a list of options the next day. She done my job for me and saved me hours on the internet. I cannot think when i've come across such great service.

We must say that the service given by Whichwarehouse has been exceptionally efficient ,with quick responses to our request for extra third party storage space and a solution to our storage needs was quickly arranged. We will certainly use WWH again should the need arise.

Whichwarehouse helped me to find the most suitable bonded warehouse for my business and I received follow up emails and phone calls from them. I am very satisfied and happy with the service I received from them.

whichwarehouse.com provides a valuable and unique service to the logistics industry, supplying companies with specialist logistics skills to cater for their storage and distribution needs. 'Skills for Logistics'

Michelle Graham said: Whichwarehouse.com made a business decision that could have made life difficult for us if we made the wrong choice, very easy.

Lightwood Logistics wrote: I am pleased to advise that we have been able to secure yet another client, courtesy of the information that you have provided to us. I have to say that the quality of the information that you send to me is really quite solid.

The Services of Whichwarehouse we have found to be second to none, in providing a highly proficient service in identifying reputable Food Standard Agency Grade 3PL storage providers, for our initial product launch, for our Ethnic Community Cooperative.

Trevor Smith, QTR Director says: I’m very impressed with the service that we receive from Whichwarehouse, their service and accurate information has helped us take on additional business, my only regret is that I should have contacted them years ago.

MINI CLIPPER says: They introduced us to one significant, valuable customer within a very short time of joining up and the leads continue to be high quality.

White Arrow Logistics said: We placed 4 sites on Whichwarehouse and can confirm that they have been extremely active in generating business for us, already we have agreed a small deal after only a few months into our arrangement.