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What is the key to modernising your supply chain

Finding a technology partner you can work with for your supply chain solutionssupply chain solutions

Now more than ever, there are more supply chain solutions than problems. That sounds good at first, but choosing among them is its own problem. The key to this problem with solutions is to find a well-qualified technology partner who can work with them to meet their unique business challenges and get their product to market efficiently. Wise directors are evaluating their preferred carriers, their suppliers, and the changing demands of their customers with a mind towards creating a tightly knit, complex network which can meet the … Read More

Supply chain worker management solutions

The tools you need to do the job for supply chain management

Management is about making sure your resources are used correctly and efficiently, and your supply chain managementnumber one resource is your employee’s time and effort. Here are a few kinds of tools that supply chain managers use to keep their employees productive and effective.

General Time Management Solutions

Something as basic as ‘time clock’ software can give your employees the kind of structure they need to be productive, and helps them see for themselves where time is being wasted. Whenever you are managing personnel, making it clear what your expectations … Read More

Supply Chain Solutions: Why Green is The New Black

Following Primark’s recent announcement that their supply chain is now toxic-free, we look at why green supply chain solutionshaving environmentally-friendly supply chain solutions not only enhances your company’s reputation but can improve its efficiency, save you money and increase your revenue.

So read on as we reveal why green is the new black when it comes to supply chain solutions.

Product Footprinting

By conducting an assessment of your company’s current supply chain, you can identity the carbon impact of your resources. This involves looking at energy efficiency, product waste, transportation and the production of raw materials. Not only can a footprint assessment … Read More

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