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Hilarious Forklift Driving

Funny Forklift Driving – Should have called Whichwarehouse for a professional service!

Scarily incompetent Forklift Operators

Over the next coming weeks we will be posting all the funny logistics videos and pictures we find on the internet so show you just how wrong it can turn out for your company by choosing the wrong logistics company.

We hope you enjoy the first of our finds, we particularly enjoyed the part where the driver asked for 'help' and the giggling in the background. It is actually quite scary to think that people in charge of machinery such as forklifts just as … Read More

Funny video of the WORST Forklift Driver in the world!

Another funny forklift video to start your week with a giggle

To continue with our find of funny forklift drivers throughout the world. See our next find above of one of the worst forklift drivers around and see how many attempts it takes this guy to do the simplest of moves. We can't believe that this is their job, or perhaps is it their first day on the job?


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Funny forklift truck incident

Next of our funny forklift videos

It's that time again, when we show you one of the funny forklift truck videos we have found this week. Take a look at the video below to see how NOT to unload a truck.


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