Cost v service – what’s more important to you when searching for a 3PL?

Cost v service – what’s more important to you when searching for a 3PL?

Cost savings

When being contacted by companies who are seeking a new or alternative third party logistics (3PL) solution, the main objective, we are told, is that the “price is the most important factor”. We do, of course, try our best to find a cost effective solution for the client. However, 9 times out of 10, these companies will be contacting us again within a matter of months, because they have realised that their unrealistic pricing expectations simply means, a detrimental effect in respect of the quality and Read More

A little background information on Whichwarehouse & the service we provide

Warehousing and Logistics services for your business – how can Whichwarehouse help?

Variety for WhichwarehouseWhichwarehouse has been established now for more than 13 years – having helped hundreds (if not thousands) of companies and individuals during this time, to find suitable warehousing solutions. All of whom have been very satisfied with the service they have received from Whichwarehouse. The testimonials on our website speak for themselves.

Storage, warehouse space to rent, pick & pack, reverse logistics, temperature controlled & hazardous storage and transport services, plus much more

Whichwarehouse is so diverse that it doesn’t matter if you are looking to store 1 Read More

Storage, pick & pack and logistics services for E-commerce start-ups

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce (or Electronic Commerce in full) is the bEcommerce fulfilmentuying and selling of goods and services via the internet.  Being a relatively young concept, online businesses really took off with the introduction of the internet in 1991 – approximately the time when e-commerce was born.   The start of this worldwide phenomenon has allowed for thousands of companies to either start-up or evolve into online trading, whether buying or selling.  As long as the world continues to experience the improvements and technological advancements as seen over the last few decades, e-commerce will continue to grow and grow.  The … Read More

The Logistics Industry – what will an exit from the EU mean?

Trading places: How a British exit from the EU could affect the logistics industry

The potential for Britain to exit the EU is higher now than ever before. Indeed, one of the largest talking points effects on logistics for an eu exitsurrounding this year’s General Election was that of Britain’s membership of the European Union, with fierce political battles taking place as to the best way forward. With this, an in/out referendum will take place in either 2016 or 2017: the British public will make a simple yes or no decision whether to stay in the EU or to leave it altogether.

The impact of the Read More

Why Faster Fulfilment Impacts Your ROI Positively

Fulfilment Services and ROI

Lots of e-commerce businesses usually have problems with fulfilment costs brought about by spoiled shoppers on fulfilment services for ROIthe web. Nonetheless, it’s possible to make speedier fulfilment a great opportunity. Many e-commerce players across the divide offer almost similar products with comparable prices. Amazon, eBay or Alibaba among others could also be covering a similar area geographically, which makes it really hard to differentiate amongst a severe competing range of service providers.

Next day delivery sought

A recent study done by a consultant related to supply have indicated that over 65% of buyers on the internet want Read More

The Whichwarehouse Network

Did you know the Whichwarehouse network covers the whole of the UK and Ireland?

Do you run an e-commerce business via Ebay or Amazon or other commerce platforms? Has your business expanded considerably and you simply cannot handle the storage and fulfilment of your customers’ orders? Do you have surplus stock taking up much needed space in your own warehouse and are seeking overspill pallet, bulk or archive storage? Do you import/export goods to and from the UK and are looking for a professional, reliable freight forwarder? Do you supply FMCG, food, fashion or cosmetics products and are … Read More

Working in Procurement and Logistics Management?

There is big chance for employment if you are versed with procurement and logistics management. You may beinclined to study the course. Why?

What Is Procurement and Logistics Management? 

A bachelor’s degree in procurement and logistics management can land you into one of the rewarding jobs in the field of business. You know what procurement as well as logistics is, but what you may wonder about is how important these are from the perspective of a business organisation.

We first define “procurement”. It is the manner by which you procurement and logistics managementacquire the needed goods and services. The qualification of this does Read More

The three ultimate safety tips for your warehouse

Safety tips for your warehousing companywarehouse storage safety

As the hub of freight forwarding, the warehouse needs to keep moving in order to drive the company forward, and in this age of cost-effective business, safety is an aspect that cannot be cut. A great level of safety not only prevents accidents, but promotes the image of a forward looking, understanding, and caring management, and is the sign of a firm that will grow in this competitive market. The great news is, it’s never been easier to implement these quick and easy safety tips today.

Directing busy warehouse traffic

1) Lay down lanes Read More

Moving Fresh Produce Quickly Through the Supply Chain

Supply chain management when distributing fresh produce

A scientific supply chain management most likely contributes to the success of the produce industry. From planting the most ideal varieties to harvesting the fresh produce at its peak of ripeness, to packing them in custom-made storage for preserved shelf life and even to transporting the fresh goods thousands of miles – everything should be well choreographed or planned. But of course, a careful and detailedsupply chain management distributing goods communication and coordination among shippers, growers, and produce retailers should also be on the list.

And while better supply chain management contributes to the success of many Read More

Why implement RFID into your warehouse

RFID for warehouse management

Nowadays, more and more warehouses are starting to work towards implementing radio frequency identification, or Warehousing management with RFIDRFID for short, into their warehousing operations. On this page, we are going to take a little look at why you should consider implementing this system, if you have not already, at least.

For those who are unaware, RFID is fairly similar to a barcode system. This means that items can be ‘scanned’. However, you do not have to fumble around to actually scan the code. When the RFID chip, which will normally be embedded into the product packaging or Read More

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