Ecommerce Fulfilment win – Walkers Logistics

Whichwarehouse would like to congratulate Walker Logistics on their recent success of winning the ecommerce fulfilment contract for a large gift company based in the UK.


Within just a short space of time Walkers Logistics successfully integrated their WMS with this companies operating ecommerce fulfilmentsystem at their Berkshire site to ensure the smooth running of all orders, receipts, and of course, monitoring their stock levels, proving they really are the No 1 logistics company for this job.


Whichwarehouse wish Walkers Logistics every success with this contract and are confident that their high levels of service, efficiency and customer care … Read More

The logistics of a supermarket – the unseen truth

When people go to a supermarket, they see a wide variety of goods they can choose from. What they don’t see if the amount of time and effort it takes to get those goods in the supermarket. The whole process that these goods undertake from the initial production point to the shelves can be referred to as logistics.

How do the products end up from their production facility to the supermarket?

logistics in the UK

It all begins when a product is finished. At this stage it is ready to be consumed but it still needs to get delivered to the consumers. There are … Read More

Overspill Storage for Xmas stock

Looking for warehousing for your overspill stock this Xmas ?Xmas logistics

Xmas is approaching again and many businesses at this time of year order more stock to ensure they can cope with their increased orders. Ordering more stock to cover the Xmas period means that you may require more storage space.

You may or may not be aware that warehouses offer storage on a weekly basis which is usually charged at a pallet price per week and helps companies at this time of year as they only pay for the time they require the extra storage. As there are many businesses … Read More

Warehousing – What is RH&D?

Are you looking at warehousing costs and need RH&D explained?

Have you received your quotes from the various warehouse companies you have contacted and are unsure of some of the charges? If you are new to warehousing your goods, there may be some costs which you need explained.

If you are storing pallets, one of the self explanatory charges you will have obtained would be for your pallet storage. These prices are charged per pallet per week and will depend on the amount of pallets you have, the dimensions of those pallets and whether they are stackable. The other … Read More

Cold Storage Facilities in the UK

Where have all the Cold Storage units gone?

Over the past few months i have noticed an increase in chilled and frozen enquiries in and around London. I have also been contacted by a few agents who have recently been instructed to sell a chilled facility or a cold Store, again in and around London.chilled warehousing, cold storage in the UK

Does this mean that many of the cold stores and chilled warehousing in the South have closed down? Is this due to the cost of running these facilities in comparison to the amount of revenue that can be earned?

Whichwarehouse work with warehousing companies of … Read More

Chilled and Frozen Unit to lease in Basildon

Basildon Chilled/Frozen warehousing facility to rent (NOW LET)

With chilled and frozen warehousing becoming harder and harder to find in the UK, the following warehouse that has just become available to rent may seem like you have just won the lottery. Finding units like this is very unusual in that unless a site is an operated chilled/frozen warehouse then to rent one already set up with these parts in place is practically non existent. chilled/frozen warehouse Basildon

Whichwarehouse has a fantastic opportunity to lease a unit in Basildon which has ambient, chilled and frozen storage options on site. The landlord is … Read More

Fulfilment Services in the South West

Warehousing and Fulfilment Services in Cornwall

With the increase of more and more online start up companies in the UK, it is now possible to choose a warehousing company/fulfilment house anywhere in the UK.

If a warehouse is receiving your orders, picking your goods and sending them out by courier for you, then why not choose Cornwall as your warehousing location.

Pick and Pack in Cornwallpick and pack

3PL providers in this area offer a range of fulfilment Services, taking the hassle out of your daily orders. Some start up companies cope very well with picking and packing the orders received and … Read More

Xmas Pallet Storage

Pallet storage for Xmas

Pallet storage at Xmas

Do you need short-term pallet storage for your overspill stock during the Christmas period?

Then Whichwarehouse can assist with finding you a solution. whether short-term or long-term whichwarehouse has members throughout the UK who are able to provide pick and pack and fulfilment services as well as simple pallet storage or warehouse space for your goods.

Many companies find themselves in a sticky situation at this time of year due to an increase fo stock needed for the Xmas period. Some find themselves in this situation as short notice and end up paying premium rates due to the lack of time they have … Read More

Find Warehousing in the UK

Find Competitive Warehousing For Your Goods


Warehousing UK

Whichwarehouse has been finding clients suitable warehousing for their commercial goods for the past 10 years. With many warehouse members offering a range of different warehousing facilities, Whichwarehouse can find the solution to any warehousing problem.

Whether you are simply looking for somewhere to store your pallets or perhaps bulk storage for your oversized items, or are looking for storage, distribution and fulfilment services such as pick and pack etc, Whichwarehouse can assist.

We are even able to assist with leased warehouses, therefore if you require a leased warehouse either short term or long term, call Whichwarehouse today.… Read More

Norfolk news – Public Health Risk from Illegal Storage

Councils and emergency services around King’s Lynn are currently drawing up emergency plans to deal with the major health risk posed by the mass illegal storage of tyres. A tenant of the Hardwick Estate had secured permission to store up to 1,000 tyres on the site, but a recent report has revealed that there are now as many as 140,000 tyres being stored there.


The public health risk posed by such illegal storage is vast. Should the tyres catch fire, such hazardous pollutants as sulphur dioxide, acrolein and hydrogen chloride would be released. As well as those with heart … Read More

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