Price pressure in the logistics industry in virtually all global markets

According to a recent study by Simon-Kucher & Partners, increased competition have shrunk global price pressuremargins more in the logistics industry than other industries, all over the world. It seems like increased competition and the rise of outsourced logistics contracting is causing prices to fall, and forcing logistics providers to operate at dangerously low margins to stay competitive.

The global pricing study conducted by the well-known marketing and strategy consultancy concluded that “committed leadership” and “strong positioning” would be required for European, American and Asian logistics companies alike to resist the pricing pressure while staying competitive.

This study was based on questionnaires … Read More

Interview with successful bonded warehousing company in Oxfordshire

Verran Freight speaks to Whicharehouse about their professional opinion on the logistics industry

We asked Verran the types of industries they have mainly seen storing with them over the past year and they advised  "It’s not so much the type of industry as the type of company. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in the retail sector, construction, FMCG, or manufacturing. Verran seek to attract like-minded companies who are prepared to take an innovative look at how they go about their business. By working together in this way you can drive out cost and improve KPI’s. If the past
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Supply Chain Solutions: Why Green is The New Black

Following Primark’s recent announcement that their supply chain is now toxic-free, we look at why green supply chain solutionshaving environmentally-friendly supply chain solutions not only enhances your company’s reputation but can improve its efficiency, save you money and increase your revenue.

So read on as we reveal why green is the new black when it comes to supply chain solutions.

Product Footprinting

By conducting an assessment of your company’s current supply chain, you can identity the carbon impact of your resources. This involves looking at energy efficiency, product waste, transportation and the production of raw materials. Not only can a footprint assessment … Read More

Can predictive analytics help the logistics industry?

One of the biggest challenges logistics companies face today is knowing exactly how the global business analyticssupply chain is going to be affected during the course of the year.

That said, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly how the flow of products being transported across the world will work at any given time, but there is a way of accurately predicting trends in the supply chain, and it’s called predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is a tool used in a variety of different industries, from pharmaceuticals to retail, and can help not only to make fairly accurate calculations about what will happen … Read More

How to Organise a Bulk Storage Warehouse

bulk storage

A well-organised bulk storage warehouse ensures that fulfilment is as streamline as possible and having an effective set-up can only help ensure that items are accessible. When new products arrive, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve made maximum use of your warehouse space and that item placement is easy and straightforward. Here are some questions to consider for organising a bulk storage facility:

What Items Will be Stored?

The first thing to consider when organising a bulk storage space is the type of items that will be stored and how they need to be handled. Large containerised goods for example, … Read More

Why the logistics industry needs to embrace social media

Social media is a huge part of our daily lives. Even if you’re one of the few who’s never personally using social media for logistics companieshad a Facebook or Twitter account, you’re likely to have been exposed to social media in some form or another. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and e-newsletters are just some of the many social media platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world each day, including those in the logistics industry.

Logistics is all about embracing new ideas and finding solutions. Technology has been at the centre of logistics management for some time as companies use the … Read More

The Best Way To Advertise Warehouse Space

If you run a warehouse and distribution business with a steady flow of orders coming through, advertising warehouse spacecould you increase your client base and expand and grow? If you’re looking to attract more clients, then effective advertising is the way forward.

Attracting a potential client’s attention is the key – clear, concise information on the services you provide can make or break their final decision on joining you or one of the many competitors on the market.

Some of the main things to remember when advertising your warehouse is what the client will be looking for:

Where is your warehouse located?

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How to Choose a Pick and Pack Service

pick and pack warehouse services

Using a Pick and Pack service takes the stress out of processing your company’s orders and frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. A typical Pick and Pack service provider will select the products ordered by your customers, pack them accordingly and ship the order to the desired destination. So what should you look for in a reliable Pick and Pack service?

Warehouse Storage Space

Any Pick and Pack service worth its weight should have adequate warehousing space to store all your products. Before committing to a particular service provider, you’ll want piece of … Read More

Back to basics: cutting logistics costs with better inventory management

Part 3: Improved logistics processes: picking, returns and verification

Improved Picking Processes

Picking needs to be scan confirmed and system directed wherever possible. Manual checking and the use of paper pick sheets should be reserved for only the smallest of operations. If you’re not sure, assume that going digital will help your efficiency. Individual businesses may find that RF or voice picking, or even pick-to-light systems work best for them.

logistics companies

These kinds of systems offer improved inventory control by giving more accurate orders. RF and voice picking systems are also very flexible. You can easily adapt them to new picking … Read More

Renting warehouse storage: how long should it last?

warehouse storage

The right warehouse can either help or hinder your business, so it’s vital that you end up choosing the right one. Once you’ve asked all the tricky questions and found the perfect warehouse, the next question is usually ‘how long will I need it?’

Most of the warehouses offering space for rent aim to be flexible to your needs, and so have a wide range of different packages to suit.

Renting Short Term Warehouse Storage

Renting for short periods of time allows you to maintain your order fulfilment without rushing into lengthy contracts with a warehouse. It’s longer than temporary … Read More

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