Using Mean Kinetic Temperature Measurement to ensure safe and reliable pharmaceutical storage

Storage and distribution for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are a very big deal these days. R&D of new pharmaceuticals is very expensive, and requires extremely long lead times. If that wasn’t reason enough to be very careful of their materials, pharmaceutical companies are some of the most heavily regulated industries in the UK, as well they should be. Ensuring the quality and safety of their products, and the ever present drive to do so as efficiently and inexpensively as possible, means that every detail needs to be taken car of when storing or transporting these materials.

pharma storage

So proper care of pharmaceutical chemicals … Read More

Why is there a high demand for more warehousing space?

Retailers demand for e-commerce solutions fuels need for more warehousing space

E-commerce is nothing new, but as the global economy recovers the booming demand for home warehousing and ecommerce boomdelivery is changing the face of industrial real estate with new fulfilment centres being designed to fit the demand from consumers to provide home delivery networks, either from online ordering or in store.

This new drive for 1 and 2 million square foot warehouses is causing a boom in both the building trade and the equipment industry as warehouses need to provide racking and forklifts suitable for heavier loads and higher ceilings, as the … Read More

What new shifts are emerging in the supply chain?

As shale gas and fracking come to England, what shifts will they bring to local and international supply chains?

The shale boom in the US has affected its logistics sector dramatically. As these technologies are effects on supply chain and logisticsset to change things in the UK very shortly, we can learn a lot by studying how things have changed there.

The shale boom in the US is well established, and its supply chain managers and other transportation industry professionals have adopted innovative strategies to cope with the changes and disruptions it has caused. England is sitting on a not inconsiderable amount of gas shale … Read More

Warehouse Housekeeping You Need To Keep On Top Of

How can you keep on top of your warehouse housekeeping?tidy your warehouse

To have a warehouse running efficiently there are many things that you cannot afford to overlook, and this includes housekeeping. Due to the many health and safety rules and regulations of today any working environment needs to be 100% safe for all employees, and this means things like good ventilation, regular maintenance of machinery and clear working areas and floors. If an employee injures himself at work due to things such as spillages, the incorrect stacking of products or obstacles in the path then they will likely have a valid … Read More

How To Deal With Overspill Storage

So what is overspill storage and how can you deal with it?

Supply Chains that work effectively shouldn’t really have overspill stock, so say the experts, but show me a business that hasn’t struggled, especially around the holiday seasons toverspill storageo contain the stock ordered for the pre Christmas rush, or the launch of a new catalogue, and I’ll show you a company that really aren’t really doing so much business.

Preventing overspill is the ideal, however it doesn’t always work, sometimes we acquire things entirely by accident, which we need to find the space for. Returned shipments, or suppliers … Read More

How to protect your supply chain from the ‘butterfly effect’ of the digitally empowered consumer

What is the butterfly effect in your supply chain?

A ‘butterfly effect’ is when a small, localised change or disruption in the flow through a supplysupply chain and the butterfly effect chain has effects which cascade up and down the chain, sometimes having serious consequences for a business. The name comes from the thought experiment in Chaos Theory where a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could cause a hurricane halfway around the world. A better cliché might be ‘for lack of a nail, the Kingdom fell.’ Billions of pounds have been lost to butterfly effects on too-strained or too lean supply chains, and it … Read More

Full service events & exhibitions logistics: beyond storage and transport

What's involved in events and exhibition logistics?

3PLs who specialise in the logistics of storing exhibition stands and equipment, and transporting them to exhibitions and meeting around the world are hardly new, but a few enterprising groups don’t stop there. Beyond mere storage and transport, they offer a host of revents logisticselated services (often through industry partnerships, but occasionally in-house) such as the design and construction of exhibition stands, full exhibition capability project management, and even help tracking and maintaining an acceptable ROI for your exhibition presence. Let’s look at these services in a bit more depth.

Basic Logistics

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What is the key to modernising your supply chain

Finding a technology partner you can work with for your supply chain solutionssupply chain solutions

Now more than ever, there are more supply chain solutions than problems. That sounds good at first, but choosing among them is its own problem. The key to this problem with solutions is to find a well-qualified technology partner who can work with them to meet their unique business challenges and get their product to market efficiently. Wise directors are evaluating their preferred carriers, their suppliers, and the changing demands of their customers with a mind towards creating a tightly knit, complex network which can meet the … Read More

Five steps to a disaster-resistant supply chain

What should you be looking at to ensure a smooth running supply chain?

Supply chain and logistics managers need good data to base their prediction on, and as markets got more complex and globalised, good, solid data is becoming very hard to come by. There can never really be enough data to predict everything that can go wrong with a modern, lean supply chain. You need to have a resilient and adaptable chain in place before something goes wrong to be able to cope with problems nowsupply chain and logistics

Below are a few things you can do to make your logistics operations

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Managing people for more efficient logistics and distribution

Your hourly, non-salaried personnel are the real warehousing staffheart of your logistics and distribution function

They are also quite often the people whose jobs involve the greatest number of steps. These processes are commonly procedurally driven. Unfortunately, these are also the people who have the least voice or personal stake in leadership or decision making. As a result, the people doing the most fundamental work in your business may have the least understanding or personal stake in the corporate philosophy you are trying to foster.

Many of them do not understand how their functions impact on customer satisfaction, and are not … Read More

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